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18-07-2012, 06:17 AM (This post was last modified: 24-07-2012 11:07 PM by earmuffs.)
Forum Risk Game
[Image: 4l0ffl.jpg]

Do you have what it takes to become Supreme Overlord?

How the game works:
- Risk is a build and destroy game. The objective of the game is to expand your empire and eliminate all other players to be the last man/women standing and become SUPREME OVERLORD. Players must rely on their cunning, their strategic skills, diplomatic ability and must have a bit of luck on their side to boot, if they wish to emerge as the victor.
- A map will be given (below) that is broken into 'territories'. All 'territories' start as neutral. When players sign up they will able to pick 1 territory to start with. This territory will then become their nations capital.
- Players then have to build up their armies and expand into neutral territory in order to start expanding their empire.
- As players reach each other they will inevitably be forced to battle each other for each others territory.
- The victor is the person remaining when all others are eliminated.

- The game is broken into 2 phases, "Tactical Phase" and "Attack Phase".
- Territories generate "resources" at the start of each "Tactical Phase".
- All territories produce a total of 5 resources divided between "Architecture", "Gold" and "Science". An example would be 1 Architecture and 3 Gold (1 science), or another territory may be 2 Architecture and 2 Science (1 Gold).
- How resources are divided between these resources will be determined depending on the territory.
- "Architecture" is always produced.
- During the Tactical Phase players may choose to delegate a territory to EITHER Gold OR Science.
- Once delegated it will remain generating that resource for the following turn until changed by the player.

- I will keep a tally of all players resources as well as expected gains in the following turn.
- An example of how this will look is: Earmuffs: 20(+4) Architecture 40(+8) Gold 10(+1) Science
- The number outside the brackets represents current total.
- The number in brackets represents the number of that resource that will be added to the total next Tactical Phase.
- Architecture is used to build "buildings" in your territories. (see "buildings" below for details on buildings)
- Gold is used to purchase "troops". (see "Troops" below for details on Troops)
- Science is used to purchase "improvements". (see "Improvements" below for details on improvements)

- Buildings may be purchased using Architecture.
- Buildings are purchased in the Tactical Phase.
- Tell me the building you wish to purchase and in which territory
- The added bonus of the building only applies to THAT territory.
- 1 building per territory
- The exception is that each players 'Capital' (Starting territory) may have 3 buildings constructed on it.
- Lvl1 is required to build Lvl2, Lvl2 is required to build Lvl3.
- Buildings take a tactical phase to be built excluding the tactical phase in which they were started.
- ie: I choose to build a wall on tactical phase 1, it will be built and the bonus active on tactical phase 3
- Captured territories retain buildings built in them.
- As many as you afford may be purchased at any one time. (You can build 2 or more buildings on the same tactical phase, if you can afford it)

- Troops may be purchased with gold. They are created on the phase you purchase them and are ready for the attack phase that follows the TP they were purchased.
- When purchasing troops let me know which "type", "how many" and which territory you wish to "deploy" them too.
- Example would be: Purchase: 4 x Line Infantry deployed to '12', 5 x Light Dragoons deployed to '10'.
- You can deploy troops to existing troops

- Improvements may be purchased with Science.
- Improvements, like buildings, take 1 tactical phase to research excluding the TP they were purchased on.

Movement Points:

- All "armies" (stack of troops in a territory) have 100 movement points PER TURN (1 tactical phase followed by 1 attacking phase).
- "Attacking" (see "attacking" for further information) costs 50 movement points.
- Moving to a 'neutral' territory costs 100 movement points.
- Moving to 'friendly' territory costs 50 movement points.

- Moving is done in the TP (and second half of AP) while attacking is done only in the Attacking Phase.
- So if you use all your movement points in the tactical phase you will have to wait to the one after attacking phase to attack.

Order (All things listed in order of occurrence in 1 game turn):
Tactical Phase:
- Resources given
- Option to delegate between gold/science. Option to build. Option to buy and deploy troops. Option to purchase improvements.
- Troop movement
Attack Phase:
- Troop attack.
- Troop movement

Player Trading:
- Players may trade between each other for resources, troops or improvements.
- Players determine the price between each other.
- Example might be: Player A agrees to buy 10troops off player B for 20 science
- Must be told to me (obviously) so I can update accordingly.
- In case of troop sales the person selling the troops must inform me on "type", "number" and "territory" so I know which troops to transfer. The person buying troops must them inform me on "territory" in which to put them.

Enforceable Diplomacy:
Players may agree upon 3 treaties that I will enforce. (Anything else between players is non-enforceable)
- Must be told to me so I know.
- The types are:
- Non-Aggressive Pact (NAP)
- Players will be unable to attack each other
- Trade Agreement
- Players may agree to automatically trade resources each turn between each other.
- Players must tell me which resources and how much.
- Secret NAP
- Players must BOTH private message each other that they wish to form a secret NAP. See post 158.
- This will not be displayed in the thread.
- NAP and SNAP require 1 turn to brake from.
- Example: If I brake my NAP with Player B on attacking phase 1, I will not be able to attack Player B until attacking phase 3

- Diplomacy can happen whenever irrespective of phase.

- Post if you want this to be included. I can work it in but just don't want to add too much stuff in that may complicate things... more so.

- Attacking occurs in the Attacking Phase (thus the name)
- Players must inform me on which army in which "territory" they wish to use to attack and what "territory" to attack.
- Example: Attack '10' using the army from '12'

- How attacking works and is calculated: (May be confusing, skip if you like though it pays to know)
- Attacking works in 'alternate waves' between the 'attacker' and a 'defender'.
- The 'attacker' attacks first and then the 'defender' fires back, then the attacker attacks again etc...
- Damage is calculated via the roll of 5 100 sided dice (100 sided to make it 100% to make bonuses easy/quick to calculate).
- Example: When someone attacks 10 dice in total are rolled. 5 dice for the attacker, 5 dice for the defender.
Each dice is labeled dice 1, dice 2 etc.. for each side (to 5). If the attackers Dice1 beats the Defenders Dice1 roll, the defender takes 1 damage (loses 1 troop). So the maximum damage for a 'wave' is 5 damage but damage can range from 0-5. Only the attacker in that wave can do damage, so it's either damage or no damage for each dice. (ie: Dice1 no damage, Dice2 damage etc..).
- Once one wave has been launched, the sides switch and the defenders become the attackers.
- This continues until either: The initial defender (person being attacked) runs out of troops OR the initial attacker only has 1 troop left.
- In the normal Risk game you have the option to stop an attack halfway, this will not be included in this. So attack wisely.
- Because 5 troops are attacking on any given side at a time, troops will attack in descending order of strength, so weaker troops will be first to attack etc..
- Building defense bonuses will not apply when the side being attacked is attacking.
- Building defense bonuses will not apply to the side attacking another territory even when being fired upon by the defenders.

- Attacking across water (marked by a black line) will give the attacking side a -5% penalty whether being attacked or attacking.
- Tied rolls, the defender wins
- If an attacker wins, the army that was attacking then moves to territory it was attacking

Attack Example:
Note: You wont get all this, this is just how I work it out, you people will just get the result

Player 1: 20 Militia (no bonuses, no penalties) 10 Line Infantry (+10% Attack, no penalties)
Player 2: 8 Militia (no bonuses, no penalties) 1 Cannon (+5% attack, +5% defense) LvL1 Fort +10% defense

Wave1: P1 - 5 militia - 34, 67, 93, 24, 51
P2 - 5 militia - 12(+10), 59(+10), 40(+10), 35(+10), 37(+10) (Numbers outside bracket included the +10)
Wave1 result: P2 loses 4 militia
Wave2: P1 - 5 militia - 23, 74, 61, 84, 49
P2 - 4 militia, 1 cannon - 46, 63, 61, 15, 27(+5)
Wave2 result: P1 loses 1 militia
Wave3: P1 - 5 militia - 91, 79, 52, 29, 36
P2 - 4 militia 1 cannon - 45, 18, 44, 21, 12 (all +10)
Wave3 result: P2 loses 4 militia 1 cannon

Total result: (and what you guys will get)
P1 - 19 Militia 10 Line Infantry (-1 Militia)
P2 - Defeated (-8 Militia -1 Cannon)

P1's attacking army would then move to the territory that P2's army was just defending.

Note Important:
- Attacking is done in a certain order that will be determined randomly.
(ie: XXX attacks, then YYY attacks, then ZZZ etc..)
- But Tactical Phase will just be open for a certain amount of time and all actions can be done by whoever whenever in that time as long as they are in order (can't move troops then buy troops, troop movement if you wish to do so must be the last thing you do in the tactical phase).
- Everything (except informing me of secret non-aggressive pacts) is done in the thread.
- * All actions (buy troops, build, move these troops there etc..) MUST be done in colour (preferably your Empires colour). Just makes it easier for me to see whats an action and what isn't.

- Note: it goes, 'Type', 'Bonus', 'Penalty', 'Cost', 'Science Required to 'Unlock' - All troops except Militia require 'science' to unlocked for purchase. They do not require time to unlock, they are available as soon as you choose to spend the science to unlock them.
- Once unlocked all troops are upgraded to the new troop type.

- Militia, No Bonus, No Penalty, 2Gold, No Unlock required
- Line Infantry, +10% Attack, No Penalty, 2Gold, 20Science
- Grenadiers, +15% Attack, No Penalty, 2Gold, 30Science
- Old Guard, +20% Attack, No Penalty, 2Gold, 50Science
- Light Dragoons, +10% Attack +5movement points, -5% defense, 2Gold, 10Science
- Dragoons, +15% Attack +5movement points, -10% defense, 2Gold, 20Science
- Hussars, +20% Attack +5movement points, -15% defense, 2Gold, 30Science
- Cuirassiers, +25% Attack +5movement points, -20% defense, 2Gold, 50Science
- 6-lber Artillery, +25% defense, -5movement, 4Gold, 20Science

- 8-lber Artillery, +30% defense, -5movement, 4Gold, 30Science

- 12-lber Artillery, +35% defense, -5movement, 4Gold, 50Science

- 'Type', 'Level', 'Bonus', 'Architecture Cost'

- Fort, 1, +5% defense, 5

- Fort, 2, +10% defense, 10
- Fort, 3, +15% defense, 15
- Fort, 4, +25% defense, 30

- Market, 1, +1Gold, 10
- Market, 2, +2Gold, 20
- Market, 3, +3Gold, 30
- Market, 4, +5Gold, 40

- School, 1, +1Science, 10
- School, 2, +2Science, 20
- School, 3, +3Science, 30
- School, 4, +5Science, 40

- Barracks, troops cost halved, 200


- It goes: 'Type', 'Level', 'Bonus', 'Science Cost'

- Deep mine, 1, +5% Gold Production, 10
- Deep mine, 2, +10% Gold Production, 20
- Deep mine, 3, +15% Gold Production, 30
- Deep mine, 4, +25% Gold Production, 40

- Industry, 1, +5% Architecture, 10
- Industry, 2, +10% Architecture, 20
- Industry, 3, +15% Architecture, 30

- Mathematics, 1, +5% Science Production, 10
- Mathematics, 2, +10% Science Production, 20
- Mathematics, 3, +15% Science Production, 30
- Mathematics, 4, +25% Science Production, 40

- Bayonets, 1, +5% Infantry Attack, 50

- Sabre, 1, +5% Cavalry Attack, 50

- Grape Shot, 1, +5% Artillery Attack, 50

- Box Formation, 1, +5% Infantry Defense, 50

- Wedge Formation, 1, +5% Cavalry Defense, 50

- Draft Horse, 1, +5 Artillery Movement, 50

Reference Map (Territory Numbers):

[Image: 1zm3389.jpg]

Resource Bonus:

- Control All Yellow: +5 Architecture, +5 Gold, +5 Science
- Control All Red: +1 Architecture, +5 Gold, +2 Science
- Control All Purple: +5 Gold, +2 Science
- Control All Orange: +3 Architecture, + 10 Gold
- Control All Blue: +5 Architecture, +2 Gold, +8 Science
- Control All Green: + 5 Architecture, +10 Gold, +10 Science

Territory Resource Distribution:

- All Yellow Territories: +1 Architecture, +2 Gold, +2 Science
- All Red Territories: +1 Architecture, +3 Gold, +1 Science
- All Purple Territories: +1 Architecture, +2 Gold, +2 Science
- All Orange Territories: +1 Architecture, +3 Gold, +1 Science
- All Blue Territories: +2 Architecture, +2 Gold, +1 Science
- All Green Territories: +1 Architecture, +2 Gold, +2 Science

Player Status Map: (Will show army size and location as well)
[Image: 14ak3ed.jpg]

Leaders - Empires: ('player', 'empire name') and then underneath: ('architecture', 'gold', 'science', troop tally)

King Bemore - The Royal Fenton Empire
03(+02) 11(+04) 00(+00) 05
Emperor Erxomai - The First Erxomaxian Empire
03(+02) 03(+03) 01(+01) 09
Chief Deepthought - The Spiritual Land of Deep Thinking
03(+02) 14(+06) 00(+00) 05
Chancellor Itsacow - The Peoples Republic of Slyfalsia
06(+04) 03(+02) 02(+02) 08
Chas Khan - The Chasistan Horde
03(+02) 03(+02) 00(+00) 08
Pope Earmuffs - The Holy Muffin Empire
06(+04) 07(+04) 00(+00) 07
Dictator Grassy Knoll - The Kingdom of Grassonia
03(+03) 11(+04) 00(+00) 05
Captain Magoo - The Narnia Enterprise
02(+02) 03(+02) 02(+02) 08


Most Territory:
Most Troops:
Most Buildings:
Most Improvements:
Most Kills:

News Feed:
June 1799:
- It's a time of exploration and enlightenment. Recent growth in technology developments has seen every nation on Earth simultaneously start to rapidly expand as each civilization grows in curiosity heightened by a need for a greater number of resources to sustain each nations economy.
- But as greed and a desire for power grow so does the number of nations yearning for it.
- A new Age has begun.
July 1799:

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18-07-2012, 06:46 AM
RE: Forum Risk Game
Fenton Empire
Eastern Australia (the map dont show the names....we need a map with names on)

I feel so much, and yet I feel nothing.
I am a rock, I am the sky, the birds and the trees and everything beyond.
I am the wind, in the fields in which I roar. I am the water, in which I drown.
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18-07-2012, 12:54 PM
RE: Forum Risk Game
More fucking games!?!? Angry

living word
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18-07-2012, 12:56 PM
RE: Forum Risk Game
(18-07-2012 12:54 PM)houseofcantor Wrote:  More fucking games!?!? Angry
Don't you mean "moar"?

And damn, I wish we had some fucking games on here. That would rule!

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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18-07-2012, 12:57 PM
RE: Forum Risk Game
(18-07-2012 12:54 PM)houseofcantor Wrote:  More fucking games!?!? Angry

Come on cantor, have some fun for once Smile

I have yet to read the OP, looks quite long lol.
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18-07-2012, 12:58 PM
RE: Forum Risk Game
Erxomaxian Empire

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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18-07-2012, 01:07 PM
RE: Forum Risk Game
I don't do "fun." I do gripe, bitch, piss, and moan.

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18-07-2012, 01:46 PM
RE: Forum Risk Game
Johny John John..., come now son, nobody is asking you to join in.
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18-07-2012, 02:36 PM
RE: Forum Risk Game
White( Since Erx took my favorite color)

17( My motha fucking homeland)

[Image: 0013382F-E507-48AE-906B-53008666631C-757...cc3639.jpg]
Credit goes to UndercoverAtheist.
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18-07-2012, 04:11 PM
RE: Forum Risk Game
Empire: Land of the Raving
Color: Green (of course)
Starting territory: #10 (can,t remember which that one is)

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