Forum Rules / Come Meet the Crew / Members [Updated 12-21-12]
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07-11-2012, 07:22 PM (This post was last modified: 27-12-2012 10:46 AM by kingschosen.)
Forum Rules / Come Meet the Crew / Members [Updated 12-21-12]
Welcome to TTA!

First, four ground rules:

1) No spam
All spammers will be banned. SPAM of any kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. No three strikes. If you SPAM the forums, your account will be PERMANENTLY DELETED. If you create an account with the aim to advertise it will be considered as spam and your account will be banned. If you wish to advertise feel free to pay for ad space. In the case of advertising Youtube channels or Group pages we may allow a link in your signature after a grace period of 1 month, with a minimum of 20 posts. This is to show us that you are here to make a contribution to the forum and not here purely for personal gains.

1b) Self Promotion
In most cases, self promotion is considered spam. Any self promotion that generates revenue for the new user will be deleted no questions asked. You will be warned ONCE of this behavior. The rules will be cited and linked to you. If you break this rule again, your account will be permanently banned. If you have become an established and productive member of the community,we will most certainly allow your self promotion.

1c) Linking Written Articles Or Videos Created By The New User
This will be handled on a case-to-case basis. Keep in mind, though, that in most instances, linking your work will be considered spam. We are more lenient, though, than we are with people who serve to make money from self promotion. If you are linking your articles or videos and you want them to NOT be deleted from your post, then please make sure that they are relevant. Do not post a feigned response that vaguely resembles the topic at hand just so you can find an excuse to link your work. This will be a judgment call for the moderators as to whether or not we think it is relevant. If a moderator or admin tells you to stop posting your articles or work, then it would be in your best interest to stop posting them. If you continue to disregard the requests of the Forum Team, your account will be banned for spamming.

We strive to keep this place clean of any and all spam, and we appreciate your cooperation.

2) No Porn Or Nude Images
Don't even post links to them. We have users from all age groups here, including minors so pornographic material will not be tolerated. Violators will be banned.

3) No Threats
We show ZERO TOLERANCE towards threats and threatening behavior aimed at ANY of our members. This behavior will result in your account being banned and depending on the nature of the threats your details being passed to law enforcement. Bullying and harassment fall under this category and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

4) No Sock Puppets
If you create multiple accounts without admin approval, you and all your accounts will potentially be banned.

Official messages from Admin will be in green.
Official messages from moderators will be in purple or in pink and must be taken as official if the colored words are the same color as the user's name.

Any admin/mod posting a message not in these colors is not speaking officially but just speaking as another member of the forum.

A few caveats:

1) We do not censor posts (except porn). You have a complete right to say whatever you want to say and use any type of language to convey that message; however, you are solely responsible for the consequences and possible retaliation from other forum members due to your choice of words.
2) This forum isn't just for atheists. It is for anyone - no matter race, religion, sex, or sexual preference. Anyone is welcome to participate and express their opinions. Likewise, you are also responsible for the positive or negative repercussions of those opinions.

Finally, a message to new members:

New members must have their first post approved by a Mod, a Pink Fluffy Handcuffs, a Super-Mod, or an Admin. Rest assured that this is NOT a way to weed out "undesirables". It is to help spot bots and spam before it makes it onto the boards. If you are a real person, you will be approved, no matter what. To have your account approved, post ONCE in the introduction forum. You WILL NOT see your post, since it won't show up until a staff member approves it. Posting multiple times before your account is approved is a great way to anger the staff. Don't do it. It creates more work for us. Just be patient, and once your account is approved you can post all you like.

Come meet the crew!

Forum team can be found here.

Gold (Seth)
He is The Thinking Atheist. Seth rarely posts on these boards, so if you wish to contact him, please email him here. DO NOT CONTACT SETH FOR FORUM RELATED MATTERS! If you have a question about the forum, please contact an admin (see below). Any forum related emails sent to Seth are simply forwarded to Stark Raving, so please avoid bothering Seth with forum issues.

Green (Admin)
Stark Raving
They oversee the forum and can moderate. They have the ability to give +/- 4 reputation to a person.

Purple (Super Moderator)
DeepThought - He is also our forum programmer and coder. He is responsible for keeping this forum healthy and does an amazing job. Many, many thanks need to be sent his way.
Super mods are assistants to the admins and can moderate. They have the ability to give +/- 4 reputation to a person.

Pink (Moderator)
Buddy Christ
Lilith Pride
Moderators are active members of the forum that can moderate posts. They have the ability to give +/- 2 reputation to a person.

Rainbow Color (Pink Fluffy Handcuffs)
This is not a normal group like the others. This is more of a "flare" group.
kingschosen - Is a moderator, and has all the access and power of a normal pink moderator.
lucradis - Is not a moderator and cannot moderate posts.
We are forced to breed... continuously... so we can have the ultimate offspring. We can give +/- 2 reputation and can moderate posts.

Dark Blue (Veterans)
Vets cannot moderate. They have the ability to give +/- 2 reputation to a person. "Veteran" status is awarded to members based on the collective agreement of the forum team. There is no formal process for receiving "Veteran" status. Members who become Vets didn't necessarily receive the status based on tenure, participation, or post count or even a collection of the three. This plays a role in the process, but it isn't the sole absolute.

There are currently three different types of Veterans:

1. Forum Team Vets - They are a part of the Forum Team along with the Admins and Moderators. They contribute to forum decisions.

2. Regular Vets - Normal Veteran abilities.

3. Contributing Vets - Regular Vets that have contributed financially to TTA. They are shown in red.

Red (Contributing Members)
While, yes, everyone who posts on the forum does contribute, these are members that have financially contributed to The Thinking Atheist. Contributing members can give +/- 1 reputation to a person.
Bucky Ball
Logica Humano

Blue (Members)
Members can give +/- 1 reputation to a person.

Light Blue (New Members)
A new member will become a member after 30 posts. A New Member can give +/- 1 reputation.

Gray (Unregistered)
A person who has not registered their account yet. An unregistered member cannot post or give reputation.

Gray Strike Through (Banned)
A member that has been banned. They cannot participate in the forums.

Should you need assistance, or have an issue you would like to discuss, you can message Stark Raving, Erxomai, or one of the moderators. Alternatively, you can post a message in The Forum Management Team section where your posts can ONLY be viewed by you and the team (Admin, Moderators, and Veteran Users). This will help you in cases where discussion is warranted, but you prefer the discussion to remain private. Please feel free to use the suggestions section if you have any ideas on how to improve this forum. We'll do our best to accommodate. Remember, it's OUR forum. Let's make it work for US.

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