Forum Rules, Recommendations, and Members
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14-01-2013, 10:29 AM (This post was last modified: 28-06-2016 11:54 PM by DLJ.)
Forum Rules, Recommendations, and Members
Welcome to TTA.

1) No spam
All spammers will be banned. Spam of any kind will not be tolerated. Repeatedly posting threads with the same or similar content is considered spam. Repetitious posts with similar content out of context is also considered spam. Both are bannable offences and will be judged on a case-by-case basis. If you create an account with the aim to advertise it will be considered as spam and your account will be banned. Linking to your own articles or videos will be judged on a case-by-case basis depending on the relevance of your link and your participation on the forum. If you're a first time poster posting an irrelevant link to your work, it may be removed. Continually doing so may incur a ban. In the case of advertising Youtube channels, Group pages, and blogs, we may allow a link in your signature, also depending on the relevance of your link and your participation on the forum. Should you wish to link a Youtube channel, Group page, or blog, please PM an Admin with your request.

2) No Sock Puppets
If you create multiple accounts without admin approval, you and all your accounts will potentially be banned. If you feel you have a legitimate need to create a second account please PM an Admin to discuss it. If someone who uses the same IP address as you wishes to sign up to the forum please PM an Admin to avoid confusion.

3) No Porn, Nude Images, or Discussions on the Merits of Paedophilia
Pornographic material of any kind will not be tolerated, including links to pornographic material. We have users from all age groups here, porn and nudity are not appropriate. Discussions on paedophilia are simply too emotive for some people to handle and cause issues on the forum. As such threads that discuss it will not be allowed. Threads that are in condemnation of child molestation are acceptable. Violators will be banned.

4) No Threats
We do not tolerate any physical threats aimed at any of our members. This behavior can result in your account being banned and depending on the nature of the threats your details being passed to law enforcement. It is also a bannable offence to interfere with, or threaten to interfere with, someone's life beyond the forum; either online (such as threatening to spam someone's Facebook page), or in real life (such as threatening to track down someone's phone number). The exception to this rule are threats that involve legal issues. If a matter revolves around the threat of a legal issue then it is up to the relevant courts and/or authorities to rule on such matters. The staff at TTA forums do not have the knowledge or right to make judgments, or intervene, in legal matters.

5) Maliciously Disrupting the Forum is Prohibited
Anyone who comes here with the sole intent of causing chaos and conflict is not welcome. Being intentionally overly disruptive is also not acceptable. In the event that it is felt by the forum Administration that a person is causing excessive issues then they will be officially warned. Failure to heed the warning may lead to temporary bans leading up to a permanent ban if the offending behaviour is not ceased. This is considered a last resort and only for the most serious situations. Anyone who is felt to be trying to manipulate this rule to get another member banned by causing controversy about them risks falling foul of this rule themselves.

Additional Information
This forum isn't just for atheists. It is for anyone - no matter what race, religion, sex, sexual preference, or anything else. Anyone is welcome to participate and express their opinions.

This forum is based around the principle of allowing people to speak freely as much as possible within reason. We allow swearing, sexual language, and attacks on a person's character, this means that this place is not for everyone. If you are easily offended by such things this may not be the place for you. In accordance with this we do not censor posts (except porn). You have a near-total right to say whatever you want to say and use any type of language to convey that message; however, you are solely responsible for the consequences and possible retaliation from other forum members due to your choice of words. We also do not delete or close threads or posts at the request of the original poster except in exceptional circumstances. Once a thread or post is posted then it is the property of the community and here to stay.

New members must have their first post approved by an Admin, Super-Mod, or Mod before they appear. This is NOT a way of weeding out "undesirables", it's a way of detecting spambots before their posts can be seen. If you are a human being your account will be approved no matter what. If your post isn't appearing and a member of the team is online feel free to PM them and draw their attention to it.

Anyone who has contributed financially to the TTA organisation, either by way of a donation, or a purchase from the online store, is eligible to be made an official forum contributor. This is not an automatic process. To become a contributor please PM an Admin with the email address you used to make you're purchase/donation so they can verify this information with Seth. Contributors are eligible to receive a dark red username and eight stars on their profile. Additionally, contributors are eligible for five times the amount of space to store PMs.

If you have any issues, concerns, or requests then the best way to raise them is to PM a member of the Forum Team or to post in the Forum Team Matters section (threads posted in here are only visible to the poster and the Forum Team).

The members of the Forum Team are all regular members of the forum who have agreed to help keep the place running, as such most of their interactions here are just as forum members. Official posts from Administrators will be in green. Official posts from Super-Moderators will be in purple. Official posts from Moderators will be in pink. If a post is official these colors will match the user's Username. Any Admin, Super-Mod or Mod not posting in these colors is not posting officially but as just another member.

Banning is at the sole discretion of the forum Admins. Any account can be banned at any time regardless of whether a rule has been broken. Any such action will only be taken in the most extreme situations, with the deepest consideration, and after exhaustive attempts to resolve the issue.

The Members
The Creator
The Thinking Atheist himself. Due to his busy schedule Seth rarely has time to visit the forums. DO NOT CONTACT SETH FOR FORUM RELATED MATTERS. The forum is run separately from the rest of the TTA organisation and website, any emails regarding the forum sent to Seth are forwarded to the Admins.

They oversee the forum and make the final decision on any changes.
Stark Raving

They are the closest advisers to the Admins and serve as tie-breakers should the Admins fail to agree on something.

They help moderate on the forum.
Tartarus Sauce

People who have previously worked on the forum and helped shape it into what it is today.

Veterans and Contributing Veterans
Veteran members of the forum. They play a role in discussing the management of the forum.

Contributing Members
Regular members of the forum who have contributed financially to The Thinking Atheist organisation.

Regular Members
Regular members of the forum.

New Members
New members of the forum. They become regular members after 30 posts and 14 days.

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