Fox News vs CNN
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22-05-2017, 10:30 AM
RE: Fox News vs CNN
I watch PBS or BBC for news.

Of course the right still labels them both "liberal", but they are the type that only watch Fox and listen to Rush Limbaugh.

I can't watch Fox News and barely can watch CNN or MSNBC.
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22-05-2017, 10:42 AM
RE: Fox News vs CNN
I don't have cable so I watch the CBS evening news. But really I depend upon word of mouth from the forums to hear about the really interesting stuff. Maybe following up with or a quoted news source.
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03-08-2017, 09:00 PM
RE: Fox News vs CNN
I think, regarding the Trump BS, the negative articles on Foxnews are better than the articles on CNN.

As a whole Fox is trash, the stuff that makes the front page reads as if the White house themselves run this media outlet.

I really do like and trust Chris Wallace and Shep Smith.

Normally, media outlets focus on the content of the leaks, let's face it, it is the media's business to get to the bottom of things, to highlight to the public what really is going on, rather than to tow the line of the propaganda that is being dished out.
While CNN focusses on the content of the leaks and the Russian controversy, Fox News don't mention this on their front page, they instead focus on the crime of leaks.

However, Shep isn't buying that shit. He knows the focus is the content of the leaks

In the video footage Shep asks
Quote:As we really always knew and have reported here, the matter of Mexico paying for the wall was a political matter and not real matter, and the conversation with Australia's leader was exactly as we reported it, the president said that the media lied about it and now it turns out that he misrepresented the truth

Josh Gerstein responds
Quote:It seems that the president's obsession with leaks and secrecy is in order to defend a space in which he wants to deny or depart from the truth, he wants the keep the option open to tell the American public something different than what actually happened.
It's difficult to get behind the drive for secrecy and a crackdown on leaks when there are so many contradictions between the president and the white house's official line that what the facts appear to be.

I understand that it is a crime to be leaking confidential information, but the leakers appear to be genuinely trying to correct lies that are being told to the public. Even other country's leaders and leader of boy scouts etc are motivated to come forth with the truth when they see your president lying to your public.

These leakers are in my opinion, heroes, standing up for truth, risking alot for this truth. They are defending the American people from a deceitful president.
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03-08-2017, 09:48 PM
RE: Fox News vs CNN
My off the cuff opinion is as follows: Tweedledee and Tweedledumb with MSNBC as Tweedlecunt. Drinking Beverage

When valour preys on reason, it eats the sword it fights with.
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