France's school secularism charter
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13-09-2013, 10:15 AM
France's school secularism charter
The original text (in french) can be found here:
Charte de la laïcité à l'école

Translation is mine, and so are any mistranslations. I'm keeping to the spirit if not to the letter.

1- France is a republic indivisible, secular, democratic and social. It assures equality of law, on the entirety of its territory, of all of its citizens. It respects all creed.

2- Secular republic organizes the separation of religions and State. State is neutral towards all religious or spiritual convictions. There is no state religion.

3- Secularism guarantees freedom of concious to all. Each is free to believe or not. It allows for free expression of one's convictions, within respect of that of others and the boundaries of public serenity.

4- Secularism permits the exercise of citizenship, conciliating freedom of all and equality and fraternity of all with general interest in mind.

5- The Republic assures the respect of each of these principles in scholar establishments .

6- School secularism offers pupils the conditions to forge their own personality, exert their freedom of will, and learn citizenship. It protects them from any proselytism or pressure that would prevent them from making their own choices.

7- Secularism offers pupils access to a joint and shared culture.

8- Secularism allows pupils to exercise their freedom of expression within the limits of School's correct function as well as respect of republican values and pluralism of beliefs.

9- Secularism implies the rejection of any form of violence and discrimination, guarantees the equality between girls and boys and rests upon a culture of respect and comprehension of others.

10- It is the duty of all staff to transmit the meaning and values of secularism to pupils, as well as the other fundamental principles of the Republic. They ensure their application within the scholar environment. It is their duty to make the present charter known to pupil parents.

11- Staff has a duty of strict neutrality: it is not to demonstrate its religious or political beliefs while on duty.

12- Teachers are secular. In order to guarantee pupils the most possible objective opening to the diversity of world views as well as the extent and precision of knowledge, no subject is a priori excluded from scientific and pedagogic inquiry.
Pupils are not allowed to refer to religious or political beliefs in order to challenge a teacher's right to treat a question on the schedule.

13- None can invoke their religious belonging in order to refuse to conform to the rules set within the School of the Republic.

14- Inside public school establishments, rules of life in different spaces, specified within internal regulations, are respectful of secularism. Wear of signs or clothes through which pupils ostentatiously manifest a religious belonging is forbidden.

15- Through their thoughts and activities, pupils contribute to keep secularism alive within their schools.
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17-09-2013, 12:53 PM
RE: France's school secularism charter
My husband is French. He can't imagine public school any other way.
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17-09-2013, 04:06 PM
RE: France's school secularism charter
Good for the French; They've got one thing right thus far!

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