Frank Schaeffer
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02-09-2011, 12:19 PM
Frank Schaeffer
In my constant search for Protestant turned Orthodox Christian turned Atheist/Agnostic literature-slash-people to talk to, the closest I've come to is Frank Schaeffer.

You probably all know him as son of Francis Schaeffer, right? The surname floated around my church and home growing up, but I never really heard of them until I became Orthodox and found out that lots of other Protestants converted to Orthodoxy too...including Frank. The notable thing about him, however, was that, in reading columns and essays written by him, he was very progressive in his world views. Not many Protestant turned Orthodox were progressive. I was.

But anyway...

So, upon recommendation, I'm "reading" one of his books for the first time (listening to it on Audible), and just in the first chapter I'm beginning to hear undercurrents of my agnostic/atheist feelings and impressions as I grew up reflected in his own experiences. We seem to have had the same framework in our upbringing. Not really surprising.

The person who recommended this book to me is currently leaving religion, as I am. She and I had similar experiences growing up evangelical Protestant, converting to Orthodox Christianity, and then leaving it all. When she listened to the book, she was brought to tears at some points because of the similarities of his upbringing to her own. She said that he was writing as an agnostic or atheist would, but that the ending was disappointing. I'm only one chapter in, and I can say that he still believes in a higher'm not sure what was disappointing about the ending other than hearing that he's even more devoted to the Orthodox Church than ever before.

What I'm curious about is if anyone else here finds Frank Schaeffer's writings to have been influential in their own journey leaving religion? Do you get the impression that he's on his way out of religion altogether?

I find this man to be supremely intriguing, and would love to hear other people's views on him.

We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers.

- Carl Sagan
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