"Free" is a lie. Very interesting video.
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30-04-2014, 06:57 AM
Exclamation "Free" is a lie. Very interesting video.

I love scenarios of social engineering that doesn't have an intelligent designer behind it. It just runs amok with the existing laws and systems in place.

The part that really hit home was the creation of virtual you's and me's, and society that can be experimented on. Corporations or governments can't cage you and experiment with you. But they can create a virtual you, and experiment on that you, and find the best possible means to control you in the real world. What do you respond to, in what way, and why you do it. And making you accept certain things.

For example we're fine with corporations spying on us so they can get to feed us certain cereals, but get up in arms if the government does it for, say, preventing "terrorism". But more people die or become sick due to poor foods like those cereals than all the drone strikes combined.

That was just my take away.
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