From Christian To Agnostic To Atheist
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15-05-2013, 11:06 PM
RE: From Christian To Agnostic To Atheist
(15-05-2013 09:16 PM)CaliforniaSurf Wrote:  
(04-05-2013 08:23 PM)BrianD Wrote:  Welcome, CaliforniaSurf!

I came to nonbelief through a different route: the absence of God, and the kindler, gentler atheist.

The New Atheists with their, ah, direct methodology scared me off. It took more gentle souls (like Dan Barker, and Seth Andrews) to get me to the point where I could put 2 and 2 together. Once everything came together in my mind, it was easy for me to walk away from Christianity. Now there are tenets of evangelical Christian philosophy I still hold to (do unto others, be honest, etc.) that are shared humanist values, so it's not like I think the Bible is completely worthless with zero value. I just see things differently now, like you do.

What's amusing about my life as an atheist: I spend more time reading the Bible now than when I was an agnostic. Sometimes it seems like I'm reading a different book than the book I read as a Christian.

Reading it like you would any other book really brings out the absurd, the horrific, and the mash up cobbled together nature of the bible.

Member of the Cult of Reason

The atheist is a man who destroys the imaginary things which afflict the human race, and so leads men back to nature, to experience and to reason.
-Baron d'Holbach-
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