From waste plastic bottle to warming blanets, both green and profitable
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13-05-2013, 02:53 AM
From waste plastic bottle to warming blanets, both green and profitable
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Longfu Recycling Energy Scientch is the world's first, and for now the only corporation that owns the entire industrial chain of waste PET bottle recycling and processing, recycled polyester filament production, and chemical fiber textile weaving. Located in the the Yellow River Delta High-efficiency Ecological Economic Zone in Shandong Province, it has grown over a hundred fold in scale, from a small chemical fiber company established in 2006, to this large chemical textile enterprise that annually can process the waste bottles from a city with 30 million people.

The technology is not new, which dates back to over 20 years ago. The problem that impeded the growing of this business was that the recycled plastic wasn't able to be used to produce high-value products. Longfu made the breakthrough by producing PET blankets. Since their sauce of raw materials is cheaper than before, Longfu enjoys a higher profit while gaining a lot of fame for being green and creative.

The PET bottles they recycled are food-level-safe themselves, so after processing and weaving, those blanket products are not different from those made from non-recycled raw materials.

Longfu is now cooperating with Donghua University on developing more flame-resistant recycled polyester fibers and faux fur fibers to contribute more to the sustainable development of the recycled plastic textile industry.

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