Fuck You "History"!
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08-03-2014, 02:20 AM
RE: Fuck You "History"!
(07-03-2014 06:39 PM)ClydeLee Wrote:  
(07-03-2014 12:12 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  The least they could do is make a "History Classic" channel or something. It wouldn't cost a damn penny as far as production goes. Whatever the case, the only reason my wife and I ever got 'cable' is because I liked History, Discovery, Science, and a few other shows for entertainment. Now she still likes the sappy girly shows and I got a few entertainment shows and we pay waste way too much money on something I don't even want, but can't convince the wife to get rid of. Blech! She'd be cool with Amazon Prime, or Netflix or something, but in the boonies, no good internet.

Note to self: Buy a house.

In a way they did that. A decade ago people complained the History channel was the Hitler channel and only had WWII programs. Then they made the military history channel that mainly does old war stuff.

But I deeply miss History International. That was a much better channel that kept good programs running, but it got canned for additional reality programming. I wish they would bring that stuff back.

The science channel has been good but weakening, the growing showing of oddities and mythbusters I could bypass.


History International! They sometimes show some of that programming on H2, but more often than not, it's the leftover puke from History. I don't mind the reality shows existing so much, but they aren't History! Reality TV, or something. Shows like Ancient Aliens, which serve to spread disinformation need to be put on something like the Yellow Education Channel, or The Tabloid Channel or something.

It's a shame that stupidity is more consistently painful.

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08-03-2014, 02:22 AM
RE: Fuck You "History"!
(07-03-2014 07:01 PM)Smercury44 Wrote:  The Science Channel was my last bastion of purely educational TV, but just the other day I saw on it, NASA's Unexplained Files, & Close Encounters....
I didn't check them out, fearing it would look or sound like Ancient Aliens from the History Channel...
I'm scarred! Confused

My favorites are the stephen hawking stem cells, through the wormhole, and how the earth works.

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