Furious Ryanair passengers protest in plane
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17-11-2010, 10:30 AM
Furious Ryanair passengers protest in plane
[Image: captphoto128996319807110.jpg]
AFP/File – More than 100 angry passengers refused to leave a Ryanair flight Wednesday after it was diverted to Belgium

Wed Nov 17,

BRUSSELS (AFP) – More than 100 angry Ryanair passengers sat in a dark cabin without food or water for four hours Wednesday, refusing to leave their plane after it was diverted to Belgium, authorities and passengers said.

The passengers, mostly French tourists who were supposed to land near Paris after returning from holidays in Morocco, refused to come out of the aircraft even after the crew had left it at the Liege airport in southern Belgium.

Reda Yahiyaoui, a business owner who was travelling with his wife, a two-month-old baby and a three-year-old, said the passengers had no water and the toilets in the plane were locked.

"The pilot left and he even left the cockpit door open," he said. (More to the story)

Well, it's nice to know the terrorists of 911 and in other places they decided to make an explosive political point, have won a measure of success. Now, every passenger that flies (and soon travels by train or bus?), is automatically presumed a suspect. This story reminds me of Con-Air. Where the turnkeys have to give permission for those passengers to move about the cabin, at all! Dodgy
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