GO GREEN! GO leaded?
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15-11-2010, 09:34 PM
RE: GO GREEN! GO leaded?
(15-11-2010 09:04 PM)SecularStudent Wrote:  
(15-11-2010 03:53 PM)Stark Raving Wrote:  If everyone purchased just one fifth of their groceries from local producers, it would almost negate the damage done to the environment by personal transpotation via ground. (That's not just your cars people, that includes ALL land based human transport!) Once you've done that, and seen for yourself how rediculously easy it is, you'll realize that you can start doing things about the transport issue as well!

I totally agree with you 100%. The problem in some places is that local produce isn't always available. I know in the summer months, farmers markets are everywhere, but they just aren't feasible in the winter in Canada. However, I think a solution to that is to either stock up on stuff when farmers markets are open, and freeze whatever you can. Growing your own stuff can be done too, though this does require a yard... which not everybody has.

There are probably year-long farmers markets in the southern States though, so people living in those areas have no excuse not to make use of them!

(15-11-2010 03:53 PM)Stark Raving Wrote:  ......ok, so if I try to start another thread on environmental impact, is anybody going to be interested? I've tried in the past and it quickly died.....

I think this would be interesting. People could give/receive strategies for raising awareness, reducing their environmental impact, etc. Sometimes options are available that people just aren't aware of, so it's good to toss ideas around.

I totally agree that in many parts of the world, local produce is not available year round. Also, you make an excellent point about stocking up. Here's yet another way to look at it: During the winter (I too am a Canadian) Many of the things my family eats are not available locally. What I do to offset that, among other things, is to make sure that when things ARE available, I buy far more than one fifth of my food locally. In fact, we are attempting to reach a goal of 95% locally grown food during the summer months. That means that over the course of an entire year, we will be consuming well over one fifth locally grown food.

Here's another thing to consider. It is now november, and here in southern Manitoba, we are well past the first frost. Just last night we ate stuffed peppers that were picked from the plants that afternoon. Once the weather got cold, I decided to pot a few plants to see how they did indoors. More than half survived, and right now I have several ripe bell peppers (orange and red) in my living room ON THE VINE!! How cool is that??? If you live in an apartment, and have a balcony, there are tons of veggies you can grow in pots, and even some you can grow in nothing more than a sunny place indoors. It truly is amazing how easy (and economically) you can produce your own food with nothing but a few pots and a little time.

----ok, you got me on a rant. Sorry. I'll go start a new thread now, and stop hijacking this one. Thanks for contributing SecularStudent!----

You have just begun reading the sentence you have just finished reading.
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