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GOD & Atheist
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29-01-2011, 02:46 AM
GOD & Atheist
Scientifically minded people seek scientific answers for an observable reality, they don't want answers given to them witch might be wrong they even find excitement in search for new ideas and beliefs
Religious people however advocate primitive ideas and thoughts, What once (2000+ years ago) couldn't be explained through reasons unknown the answer must be "GOD DID IT" because they didn't have the tools that we have developed. Soon after people started worshiping this "god" this "omnipotent being" because "it says so in here!" (a blindfold with the word bible on it)
In this ever changing society with todays advances in both science and technology we have to ask ourselves... Do we really need the bible? You don't have to defend this book that's full of stories that even a child can see is silly and misleading and simply not true, but instead we nitpick the bible find what we want (cause we always will some way or another) and not just preach it but have it our courts of law as a primitive way of making sure people tell the truth. it was used to once scare people of the choices they made as a kind of law enforcer now we have police officers, detectives, criminal investigators, jails, re-habs etc..
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29-01-2011, 07:41 AM
RE: GOD & Atheist
Your point?


Agnostic atheist
Secular humanist
Emotional rationalist
Disclaimer: Don’t mix the personal opinion above with the absolute and objective truth. Remember to think for yourself. Thank you.
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29-01-2011, 09:32 AM
RE: GOD & Atheist

It's really crappy when someone joins a site and starts posting before reading anything. This is OBVIOUSLY not the place for this thread. Please copy it into the appropriate forum AFTER you've read what the forums are for, and also the rules. Thanks.

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