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18-08-2013, 05:01 PM
(25-07-2013 07:01 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  I'm at my wits end with these damn deer. They are eating the ever loving shit out of my garden. I have tried to deter them through non-lethal means, but fuck, they are taking food out of my mouth. I'm about at the point where I am going to have to go Rambo on their ass. Most notably, I have only 2 pepper plants left. Anyhow, I have sensors that blasts a high pitch noise when they get near, which worked the last couple of years, but they've slowly gotten use to it it seems. I have fired .22's in their vicinity, which used to scare them off. Most recently I have walked up to about 15 yards away from them and fired near their feet, and they just look at me like "Bring it motherfucker!"...so that's what I guess I'll have to do.

I don't like killing things, but I have and will. I especially don't like killing things that I know I won't eat. Not that I won't eat deer, I just don't want to clean the bastard. I have no idea if it is legal to kill these things given the circumstances, but I don't care anymore. This bastards are eating all my food.

Next step is shoot them with a .22. Step after that is kill them with 7.62.

Okay, done ranting.

We got a hunter shooting them for us in the woods, that. If you're gonna shoot them, make sure the first shot is a kill. Second, do not shoot unless you're gonna eat them or sell the meat to someone. I don't know how stuff works in your state, but in my country, you can't shoot shit or even club a viper without a hunters licence (acually, anything but deer, moose and certain birds are illiegal to kill in Norway). But honestly, "eating all your food"? What do you grow in your garden anyway?

TSG's hired goon.
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