Game : Topic about things who happens in your country
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20-05-2014, 05:51 PM
Game : Topic about things who happens in your country
I created this thread because I think that we can share articles about things who happens in our countries.

The rules are the next :

1.One post by day for one subject.
2.It must be possible to verify that the event did really happens. Therefore you must have a minimum of 6 sources.
3.This is better if articles are in English. If you can't find an article in English. Explain the content.
4.The event happened between today and one week.


I begin : Unhappily I can't find any sources in English language (this is too recent).
These articles in French language are about the director (French : Directeur) of the Institut Universitaire Technologique de Saint-Denis (English : University Institute of Technology in Saint-Denis).
What's happens to him ? he did received 15 dead letters threat from Islamists since February , 4th , 2014. One of these contain the next message (this is a French translation of an Arabic text that I don't have in my possesion)"Tu vas mourir, toi et tes enfants", "J'appelle tous les musulmans à te punir", "Tu dois payer toi, tes proches, tes enfants" (Translation word to word : "You will die , you and yours children", I call all Muslims to punish you", "You must pay you, Yours relatives, yours children") (I precise that Saint-Denis [zip code : 93200 and 93210] is the most dangerous city of France and among the most dangerous of
Western Europe. The taux of violence is 31.27 for 1000 inhabitant and the national average is 5.93 for 1000 inhabitants. Also this city has a high Muslims poppulation [btw 60-80% of inhabitants are Muslims]. I precise that this is only an estimation because statistics of this kind are forbide by the French law].

These articles suppose that he did received these threats because he did ended a scam (fictious employment). The director fired Rachid Zouhhad who was chef du département Techniques commerciales (English : Head of selling techniques) in April 2014.
We can note that these articles speak about a clandestine mosque in the local own by an association of this university. (French law forbid it).
Also these articles say that he did stopped the selling of Halal Sandwiches in the University hall (French law forbide the selling of these products in a school).
The director did complainted 15 time at the police station.
These articles contain others information that I wil share if you ask.

Sources :
1.BFM TV (Mainstream French TV channel) :
2.France TV (A group who own mainstream French TV channel) :
3.Le point [Mainstream French newspaper] :
4.Le nouvel observateur (Mainstream French magazine) :
5.TF1 (Mainstream French TV channel) :
6.RTL (Mainstream French FM radio) :
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22-05-2014, 10:17 PM
RE: Game : Topic about things who happens in your country
Now , I will tell what's happens to the man who is the director of IUT of Saint-Denis (zip code : 93200 and 93210).
This man was mugged. Two men beaten him with theirs hand. His glass was broken. He was attacked after
a meeting with GODF (Grand Orient de France) in the ninth arrondissement of Paris who is a measonic lodge.
He did complainted to the police station in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.
Happily for him he wasn't wounded with serious injuries.
Who want more information ?

Sources (unhappily I can't found a source in English) :
1.BFM TV (mainstream French TV channel) :
2.France TV (A holding of mainstream French TV channel) :
3.Europe 1 (mainstream French FM radio) :
4.Le Figaro (mainstream French newspapper) :
5.Le Parisien (mainstream French newspapper) :
6.TF1 (mainstream French TV channel) :
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