Germ Theory
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23-11-2015, 11:59 AM
RE: Germ Theory
Yeah...people like this are still out there. I have a friend who is afraid the Large Hadron Collider will open a portal to hell and let demons into the world by researching dark matter. The conversation went something like this...

Her: Why do you think they call it "dark matter?" Because it's a gateway to evil.

Me: Or maybe because it's not visible. It doesn't emit light, so for lack of a better term we call it "dark matter" until we learn what it is. That gateway to hell idea kind of reminds of how we used to think demons caused illness until we discovered germs.

Her: *silence*

Me: You have to be kidding...

Her: Why? You don't think demons cause disease? Oh no! You ARE an atheist!

Me: Facepalm

"I feel as though the camera is almost a kind of voyeur in Mr. Beans life, and you just watch this bizarre man going about his life in the way that he wants to."

-Rowan Atkinson
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23-11-2015, 02:57 PM
RE: Germ Theory
(22-11-2015 04:39 PM)Chas Wrote:  "Our handlers"? Consider Illuminati? Rosicrucians? Masons? Lizard people?
As someone who has been seriously been accused of being two of those, I can say you humans are screwed if they don't believe in germs.

I mean, we humans.
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