German police state vs. Swiss liberty
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04-02-2014, 08:30 PM (This post was last modified: 04-02-2014 08:46 PM by frankksj.)
German police state vs. Swiss liberty
Since TheGermansAreComing has been bashing Switzerland in another thread, calling them the "most vile" creatures, because the Swiss allow individual liberty, autonomous local regions, and don't lock up non-conformers, so, an undesired consequence is that occasionally pockets of backward extremism can exist in the rural mountain areas. He's upset that since the Swiss don't censor them or stop them, they publish extremist newsletters that Germans end up buying.

He's right that one "advantage" of a police state is that fringe minorities aren't tolerated. Everyone is forced to march in unison, so, if you're in the mainstream, you don't have to be exposed to extremism.

However, he overlooks the great sacrifices one makes for this police state. Many years ago I was living in Switzerland with a small software business. Times got tough, I ran out of money, and so I decided to relocate the office to Eastern Europe. I rented a large car and packed it full with all the computers and office stuff, as well as all my clothes and personal stuff, and drove up to Frankfurt where I could ship it as cargo freight on a non-stop flight. As I approached the airport, the police pulled me over, and said they were going to search the car. It was suspicious that someone with Swiss plates was driving with a car full of boxes near the airport. It was pouring rain. They laid out tarps on the side of the road, and despite my protests, proceeded to take EVERYTHING out of the car, opening all the boxes, laying out all the equipment and all my personal stuff on the side of the road. Everything got ruined, soaking wet, covered in filth from all the cars splashing dirty water from the rain-soaked roads. And all my worldly possessions were ruined, along with my ability to earn a living. And in the end, when they found no drugs, all I got was a "We're sorry, drugs are a real problem", and they left.

In Switzerland that wouldn't ever have happened. Sure, maybe the Swiss's tolerance, freedom and liberty means sometimes unsavory elements slip through the cracks. But I'll take that over a police state any day. There are so many advantages to having a free society. The Swiss live longer than Germans, have half the unemployment, earn almost twice as much, save almost four times as much, they have less crime, safer, cleaner cities with a lot more diversity. Switzerland is also the only country that, despite a strong safety net that leaves nobody homeless or hungry, has almost no inter-generational dependence on welfare. It's the only country where the poorest in society make at least half the median income. They have the highest household savings per capita, and they never attack other countries. So, I find it closed-minded to call them "the most vile" just because they have such a strong history of preserving liberty and don't see things the same way he does.

Besides a lot of innocent people get caught up in the police state's net, and there's a big price to pay for ensuring conformity with everyone marching in perfect unison and eliminating any unwanted fringe elements.

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05-02-2014, 11:47 PM
RE: German police state vs. Swiss liberty
Switzerland seems pretty decent to me, other then the outrageous cost of living. In spite of the high taxes, privacy is appealling, especially financial privacy. I don't trust the fuckers who always end up in power, to even know how much money I have or where I keep it.

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