Getting Lectured by a Christian
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21-04-2014, 11:03 AM
RE: Getting Lectured by a Christian
(21-04-2014 09:42 AM)Can_of_Beans Wrote:  I've also heard arguments that Noah had one white son, one black son and one Asian son which is why we have these different ethnicities today. Oh yeah, they were giants too, so a cubit to them would have been a lot bigger than a cubit to us normal sized people, so the ark would have been big enough to fit more animals than we might expect. Facepalm

How do we know the animals weren't larger, too? Is it because there are no fossils showing big animals (which isn't true)? Well, where are the fossils of the larger humans?

I swear, they just see a problem, make up something from scratch to solve the problem, and call it a day. No checking to see if the make believe even makes sense, let alone whether or not it invalidates other sacred make-believe.

Sadly, I am pretty familiar with this process. I did this a lot in college. It's part of what made me walk away from religion, when I realized I was just making up my own religion to make myself happy.
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