Getting my PS4 in a few days!
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27-04-2014, 02:50 AM
RE: Getting my PS4 in a few days!
(27-04-2014 01:32 AM)Monster_Riffs Wrote:  
(27-04-2014 12:34 AM)earmuffs Wrote:  @Monster, yea MS fucked up the launch with that no second hand games and can only play while online (which they fixed) shit, I was furious with their launch too.
But I think it's irrelevant, the only thing that matters is your experience with it now which is excellent IMO.
I'm also sold on kinect. I think making it included with the console was a brilliant move. It ensures everyone has one so game developers will incorporate it into their games which means it will become part of the competition between games and become more than gimmicky bullshit. Plus redeeming codes is now infinitely better, just hold the code up to kinect, instant done.

The 720p v 1080p thing isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I mean yea it was a little silly to not have 1080p for a new console BUT it's not that much of a difference and wouldn't ever be considered a factor for me when buying a game. I'm not not gonna buy a game because it's 720p v 1080p.

And yea PS4 will eventually get a good games library, but xbone will maintain a good games library so..

@Alex, because it's console gaming not PC gaming... Interchangeable parts defeats the whole purpose.

Good point about the Kinect actually mate. Like I say, I'll end up with one at some point anyway and I think any technical problems with it will have been ironed out by the time I do! The games I want for now are multi platform anyway, BF4, Watchdogs with the exception of The Order 1886 ... I wanted Theif too until I saw the fucking state of it!

And anyway Muffs, you're a horrid little pc elitist with a PS4 downstairs and an Xbone upstairs so anything you say is invalid!

(Except in the relationship thread, cos I bet that fucking tart of mine starts playing up again when the PS4 turns up! I'm gonna need you buddy) Laugh out load

Yea fair enough.


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