Ghosts, Spirits, Apparitions, and the like.
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25-12-2012, 04:54 PM
RE: Ghosts, Spirits, Apparitions, and the like.
^Well, I think it's like theists: they often have a different, looser definition of "evidence" than atheists, and they know it won't hold up to scientific scrutiny. That's why they have to try to insult nonbelievers by calling them "closed minded."

If ghosts were real, why do you supposedly have to believe in them to see them? That's pretty dumb, IMO. If something is real, it exists whether you believe in it or not.

My main peeve about those paranormal insvestigation shows (besides the fact such shows exist): these guys have been at it for years, supposedly, and they say a lot of the ghosts are harmless, and yet EVERY episode when they hear a noise, they run away screaming like a little girl. Why would you still be afraid of every ghost? Oh, I know: ratings! Same reason they have to fake door closing and noises for "evidence." Otherwise you'd just have a few assholes running around in the dark, saying that dust in an old building is really ghostly "orbs."

The bad science upsets me, too, while I'm on the subject. They find electromagnetism or whatever, or feel a chill, and say it must be ghosts, not wires or a drafty basement. And EVPS are such a joke. I like how they go to places like Romania and the ancient ghosts are speaking English.
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