Ghosts, Spirits, Apparitions, and the like.
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24-01-2013, 01:55 PM
RE: Ghosts, Spirits, Apparitions, and the like.
(20-01-2013 05:06 PM)smidgen Wrote:  Like a posted on another thread today. I lived in a haunted house. Shortly after moving in friends and family members started saying that they would see my son standing on the second floor landing. Well it would always happen when my son was not home. It would be on weekend when he was with his father. Then we talked to the neighbors and they said that a boy had died in a fire about the same age as my son. And that he scared away the people who lived there before us. I know what I saw and what I experienced while living in that house. No one can tell me it didn't happen or it was just in my head because it wasn't just me experiencing it. So that's my story and I'm stickin to it. Tongue I don't need anyone to agree or disagree just my two cents thrown in.
Personally, I can accept stories like these. Sometimes odd things genuinely do happen and they have no current explanation. However, what I can't accept is the conclusion; rapidly drawn out of ignorance and with a lack of any other explanation: "Ghosts done it". Let's call it a "Ghost of the gaps" argument.

I too have had two unusual experiences in my life, and only one of them has a decent amount of plausible explanations. The second; I can't explain even if I tried. But the fact that I don't know the answer(s) doesn't mean that I should assign one to them. Perhaps there are things which occur on the quantum level that we cannot currently explain. Perhaps they don't occur clearly enough or often enough to be observed and tested in controlled conditions. Who knows. Without sufficient evidence, even a nearly invisible vortex of incredible density that eats planets sounds ridiculous. But with enough evidence, we simply call them Black Holes. For this reason, when people tell me that strange and unexplained things have happened to them, I don't (always) conclude that they're crazy or mistaken. I maintain a healthy skepticism - up to and including being skeptical of their potential craziness. I'm open to a scientific explanation for phantom footsteps and spectral apparitions.

But while I may be open to a future scientific explanation, I'm not open to drawing a conclusion where no such conclusion has any right being drawn. For the sake of argument - because I don't know you personally - I'll concede that you did witness something. Perhaps it was not a trick of the eye or a glitch of the mind; but something genuine that took place in our material world in the middle of space-time. Ok. Even if that is the case, we do not currently know the mechanism behind this occurance. We don't know who or what or how it occured, and for that very reason, we cannot draw any conclusion whatsoever. The most we can possibly say at this time is "I don't know".

Through profound pain comes profound knowledge.
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