Glenn Beck is back with his chalkboard and with a lot less crazy
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03-01-2013, 04:41 PM
RE: Glenn Beck is back with his chalkboard and with a lot less crazy
(03-01-2013 04:18 PM)smidgen Wrote:  
(03-01-2013 03:33 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  Until you're told by a family (real) family member to get out of the hospital because you're not wanted and it doesn't matter if you have spent half your life with them....and their will can be contested and the family can have you thrown out...those family members can even prevent you from taking personal items aside from your clothing. If you have children they can be taken from you and raised by those same family members as well...

But ya....who needs a peice of paper? For a short-term fling, probably not. Long-term commitment -- ya that ONE peice of paper gives you a shit load of rights that can not easily be replicated and if they are are just as often dismissed.
Now that's something I disagree with and I would support trying to change the laws and rules on this kind of shit. I think that the government on all levels should stay the hell out of our bedrooms. This one of the many reasons why I support a smaller government. The government has gotten way to big for it's briches and needs to be knocked down quit a few pegs. Telling us that we have to be married or we can't this or can't that. It just pisses me the hell off. Cause I am not getting married again for no reason.

Of course I can agree with that on some levels, but now you've effectively given the right of family members to discount the rights of people who are married -- for whatever reason. Without any protections we have the same issues, instead of a level playing field for married couples, it could be a free-for-all. I've lost faith in people to just do the right thing -- because it's right, long ago.

It really does piss me off too. I just don't see the "blanket" protections provided by a legally recognized marriage going away anytime soon. What I do see, a good number of the populace is completely excluded from those same "blanket" protections based solely on who they love. So while I do agree with you on some levels, I still support fully marriage equality with all the rights and privileges I currently have.
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