Go to Hell, Jesus.
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23-04-2015, 03:18 PM
Go to Hell, Jesus.
So Jesus does the club scene on Saturdays. Who knew? Dude's probably got some seriously good Ecstasy.

Jesus Went to Hell: The Christian History Churches Would Rather Not Acknowledge

I especially like the GK Chesterton quote in response to "Eli Eli lama sabachthani."

“…let the atheists themselves choose a god. They will find only one divinity who ever uttered their isolation; only one religion in which God seemed for an instant to be an atheist.”

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24-04-2015, 01:39 AM
RE: Go to Hell, Jesus.
The article is a little bit outdated since the Catholic church now uses the word "Hell" instead of "death" in the English translation Apostle's Creed.
Although a discomfort with hell may be a factor, another reason could have been to distinguish it from punishment Hell. Hell, in theology, just means separation from God. So we live in the Hell of the living. At the time of Jesus' death there were two hells, the Hell of the Just, and the Unjust. Jesus went to the Hell of the Just and brought those people to heaven. I am not sure whether regular hell started then or whether the Hell of the Unjust was punishment hell.

I'm homophobic in the same way that I'm arachnophobic. I'm not scared of gay people but I'm going to scream if I find one in my bath.

I'm. Also homophobic in the same way I'm arachnophobic. I'm scared of spiders but I'd still fuck'em.
- my friend Marc
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24-04-2015, 01:57 AM
RE: Go to Hell, Jesus.
Quote:From article: "Christ’s “harrowing” (a word that comes to us from Middle English) seems to have been prefigured in classical sources: Ulysses visits Hades..."

Actually, it was Odysseus that visits Hell...where he meets Yudhisthira. Yudhisthira went there to find his brothers, while Odysseus goes there to find his crew.

"Odysseus" is an anagram of the Indo-Aryan Mahabharata character: Yudhishthira. "Ody/Yod..."Yodishesus"...the "s" in Odysseus is pronounced as "sh."

You see, "Homer" the "Ionian" is really a "Yoni" Greek...aka a Jew. A "Yod/Yudhi." His real name is Horem-heb...the Scribe of Amenhotep III and his oldest brother (half-brother) that Indo-Aryans call Vyasa (Jews call him King Asa). Horemheb/Vyasa/Homer: all "born of a water nymph": Thuya...a Greek "Thyia" meaning water nymph.

Her real name is Kaikeya/"Kiya" and you can see her mummy lying next to her husband Yuya at Wikipedia. Yuya, with a city in Upper Egypt" AkhMin. She is a priestess of Min...the phallic god of Egypt. AkhMin is located in the Minya Province of Egypt: Yuya is a Greek Minyan...a sailor. Yudhisthira.

Note his right eye: someone drove a stake into it and "POP"ped it. Note the distinctive hair bun on Thuya: Olive Oil. She is "Kiya" the mother of Akhenaton, and he built her a city in Armana: go check if you doubt it.

Hello? THAT IS AS REAL AS IT GETS: No MYTH, go LOOK AT THE PHOTOS at WIKIPEDIA of their mummies. "Yuya"

Everyone read about the recently discovered 800 "stone phalli and circles" in numerous location of "Israel?" (Asur-El).

Those are Shiva Linga (Phalli) and Parvati Yoni (vagina).
The Hidden becomes exposed. This was a land of ancient Indo-Aryans.


"Jesus" is Yeshuah...Ya'Shua...Shua is the name of Shiva in Egypt. Those "obelisks" are SHIVA LINGUM.

His home is The Vatika. The Vatican. Now do you understand why Romans brought an "Egyptian Obelisk" and planted it in St. Peter's (Ptah/Buddha) Square???

Yeshuah is the grandson of Yuya....Yuya's initials were YHW.

HELLO??? Kaikeya is the wife of Tushratta/Dashartha...Dasharatha means "ten avatars of Vishnu."

Tushratta/Dashartha is Yuya....is Vishnu...is YHW....one of Vishnu's avatars is Krishna.


This was one of the comments. I'm not educated nor sober enough to know what to make of it. The poster is saying hello? but I don't get the point.

Please. Enlighten me.

"If there's a single thing that life teaches us, it's that wishing doesn't make it so." - Lev Grossman
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