God Created the World (no big bang)
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15-09-2012, 06:48 PM
RE: God Created the World (no big bang)
(15-09-2012 06:40 PM)Ambassador of Christ Wrote:  Well ... see you all been reading the Bible.

Yes God did created and the bible tells us so.... you say the big cheese, evolution... if God did it by evolution he would of said so... but he did not.

See atheist are looking for ways to denounce how everything was created.. so you come up with some crazy ideas.. given mainly by scientists (man made)... remember man is not perfect.. so we could not have made a perfect world or humans.. also our answer we come up with come from ourselves..

God said that there is no "good" in man... so why are we relying on man to give us an answer of how everything was created... Look to God and he will tell you... he already told you through his own words "The Bible".


Why believe something created by Man if man are so flawed? You know.. like that Bible that was written and translated, over and over again by man.

"Allow there to be a spectrum in all that you see" - Neil Degrasse Tyson
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