God Created the World (no big bang)
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15-09-2012, 06:56 PM (This post was last modified: 15-09-2012 07:04 PM by Logisch.)
RE: God Created the World (no big bang)
Big bang didn't "just happen" - please go get a fundamental understanding of the basics of physics, then come back and re-explain. Honestly, if you're a real thinker, you could easily go read up on the big bang and understand it first, and then tell us what about it you don't like (other than it contradicts your beliefs) from a technical standpoint.

You're committing more logical fallacies. No one here is looking for a way to denounce god, we simply explain things the way they are. It's a simple Occam's razor situation.

Simple explanation of Occam's Razor: If something can be explained without an extra insertion, the extra thing doesn't need to be in the equation.

Example: If you have a recipe for cooking something that includes 3 ingredients and tastes awesome but someone tells you that your recipe obviously can't work without 10 ingredients... it's safe to say you don't need the other 7 ingredients because you could replicate and test that your 3 ingredients already did the job just fine.

In this case... we can explain the universe just fine. We have an explanation for how it started. With this explanation, we have an adopted theory, things we can observe, and particle physics and other areas of physics which we have evidence for.

You are now jumping in saying, "WHOA now guys, hold your horses. All those guys who know mathematics 10x better than me, who understand particle physics and even have a completely amazing perspective of things I couldn't possibly comprehend with my 6th grade math are way wrong. You see, there is a book that uses the example of ancient creation myths which says stuff I agree with. So all those guys who have spent the last 100 years or so of perfecting this theory are way off. We gotta drop it, we gotta come up with a new theory that says "god" - yeah!"

And this is a great place to use Occam's razor.

- There is no evidence for a god
- The bible does not prove a god
- No one to date has a good theory that challenges the big bang (that isn't stupid, crazy or full of pseudo-science)

So in light of these wonderful observations, it tells me I can chop out the lunatic tales I'm hearing from people who propose otherwise.

Creation myths using firmament, a good read.

Also, the epic of gilgamesh. Which also contains a fun flood story (gee whiz, just like the bible) and a creation myth (just like the bible) although I have to admit, at least the epic of gilgamesh is fun to read when it comes to myths.

Also a fun comparison

Your argument in a nutshell, is that you're convinced a book is true and the big bang is false. The equivalent of bringing the car to the mechanic, having no idea how a car works, and telling the mechanic that you're better equipped to fix it than he is and that he has no idea what he's talking about (You vs a physicist).
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