God Paradox
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14-01-2012, 04:44 PM
God Paradox
Just want to run another potential paradox in the common phrases that get tossed around

God gave us the gift of life
2 ways I can see this so far

God either gave us souls or gave us bodies

If god gave our souls bodies then our souls weren't created by god.

If god gave us souls then there would be nothing to receive them.

My mind goes to the Heisenburg uncertainty principle which I can't help but
merge into a potentially unnecessary simple philosophical correlation.
Such Being that to measure something you would have to do one of two things

Provide a opposite to see what degree it can differ from direct inverse
proportionality. Meaning that the twain shall never meet our else the
measurement will disappear.

Or provide a broadness such as a ruler or scale of any sort to see where It
may lie. The ruler has to remain amongst failed guesses to prove it's position
or else it can only provide a single constant guess.

Both expressing the notion that if two things have a perfect 1 to 1
correspondence it seize to be measurable

This is all it takes in my mind for a few revealing thoughts about our lack of
free will.

First of all this makes me feel like the thought is only a measurement between
the last thought and the prior thought over and over.

Second of all to realize your thought you must relate it to a different thought.
Which for anyone confused can be analogized simply as we don't usually think of
the earth as rotating 1000 miles an hour, because we too are going 1000 miles an

I will add some responses in a bit I would like to hear anyone else's views, lol
because it is the only way I can measure self. I can't just get off this brain
as easily as a planet.
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