God does NOT exist. Gods have never existed. They are all imaginary myths we created
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06-01-2013, 05:08 PM
God does NOT exist. Gods have never existed. They are all imaginary myths we created
We have reality. It's a wonderful thing. We know that certain things exist because we have evidence for it.
We can imagine what might exist. We play around with 10 dimensions in math and see if that can help explain some of the things we observe in physics.
We can make up explanations if we want to, but most of us like to be honest about reality.

In the future, we will more than likely discover other civilizations. We may create inventions that allow us to do some remarkable things by todays standards. We may encounter beings so highly advanced that they can do things that we would consider "godly". Kinda like that star trek movie where they terra form a planet with a genesis bomb. Of course it also killed every living thing that previously lived on the planet, but that's another story.

Everything you encounter in life will have a physical, rational explanation even if you can't find it or figure it out.
If you want to live your life with gremlins, ghosts, goblins and gods, there is nothing I can do to stop you, but for god's sake, please stop voting in my elections, stop having children and let evolution grind your mental delusions into the ground.

I enjoy ghost stories, but I don't base my life on them. I don't get my morals from them and I sure as hell won't expose dogmatic beliefs to my kids. I want this world to stop with all the honor killings and allowing rapists to get out of jail if they marry their victims against their will. I want genital mutilations to stop. I want NOT believing in fairy tale gods to equal a death sentence.

I know it's all about me isn't it. What I want, how I think things should be.

Ahhh fuck it. Yes, it's all about me. If only people were more like me then the world would be .........a fuckin great place, that's what.

Oh well, as human beings we deal with the bad and try to create good where we can.
Ask yourself. Which one are you ? Do you try to create a better life for you and the ones around you or are you working toward making everyone obey your imaginary friend ?

Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
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