God in Quantum Mechanics
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15-05-2015, 12:02 PM
RE: God in Quantum Mechanics
(08-05-2015 11:03 PM)Timj Wrote:  If God truly exists, then why can mankind observe elementary particles in the quantum superposition state? It is not until we measure a particle, that we collapse the wave function and change it from being in superposition to a definite state. If God does exist, would he not be all knowing, and be observing everything, all the time? In this case, no quantum superposition could exist? Does Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle disprove the existence of a predetermined Universe made by God?


"If we are honest—and scientists have to be—we must admit that religion is a jumble of false assertions, with no basis in reality.
The very idea of God is a product of the human imagination."
- Paul Dirac
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