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21-12-2011, 02:00 AM
RE: God[less]-Parents?
Ya the main reason for the god parents is that if you both die in a horrible fiery car crash it is supposed to be their job to take care of you're kid. sorry to be blunt.

i lucked out my Godfather is hilarious and an actor to boot. he was in resident evil 2

I'm homophobic in the same way that I'm arachnophobic. I'm not scared of gay people but I'm going to scream if I find one in my bath.

I'm. Also homophobic in the same way I'm arachnophobic. I'm scared of spiders but I'd still fuck'em.
- my friend Marc
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21-12-2011, 04:47 AM
RE: God[less]-Parents?
(20-12-2011 09:12 PM)ConditionYellow Wrote:  Thanks for all the good advice, guys! Keep it coming!

The couple my wife wants contains a "Christian" and a Lutheran. I use quotes because I believe she's more agnostic. But if you don't tell people you are at least "Christian" down here in the south, you risk public scrutiny.

An alternative couple (literally and figuratively) is a gay couple who are extremely liberal- likewise one is an atheist and one Catholic. I'm leaning towards them myself.

Sounds like the gay couple would be your best bet, as their religious configuration matches yours completely, but keep the gay part away from the priest's ears. Most likely he will not allow "abominations" to stand as godparents to an innocent child. Sorry if that came out too blunt. He may say it differently but that's what he'll think.

Anyway, it looks like you have no losers there. Pick both couples (it's allowed for a child to have as many godparents as you want. In some parts of the world I know children who had like 14 pairs of godparents)

Another good category of godparents which did not come to my mind in my previous post is the one you have here: religiously mixed couples - they had to accept each other so they tend to be generally more open-minded.

Oh, no Hallucinations 4:11 says the 'gilded sheep should be stewed in rat blood' but Morons 5:16 contradicts it. (Chas)

I would never shake a baby unless the recipe requires it.
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