Gods and Kings
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03-01-2015, 07:31 AM
Gods and Kings
I haven't actually seen the trailer. But i saw the movie poster. At first i thought it was a different movie, and not a biblical one. In that case it looks like Joshua, but someone told me its suppose to be about exoddus. I hope the character on that poster isn't Moses. I guess the red hebrew cloth and staff was just not cool i guess Tongue so they scrapped that out.

I mean it would be so much better if they actually made it realistic, speak hebrew or ancient semitic language... Egyptian is kinda tricky since no one knows how its spoken, but it can be worked out. But i would love if they could look like they were based on what we know what people looked like back then.

Might aswell have massive explosives and cars driving around the place while we're at it. I would so watch it if that happend.
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