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12-04-2017, 10:31 AM
Good Ideas Thread
Got a good idea? Put it here for critique.

Airlines - how to bump passengers AND save money doing it -----

When you overbook a flight - rather than offering a set amount - or dragging unwilling customers off the plane ---

Have a flight attendant announce the problem - and start a REVERSE auction.

That is - start high - say $5000. Then when someone bids, offer LESS, when someone bites, keep offering less.

If you start low, the group psychology thinks that the number will keep going up.

If you've ever been to an auction, you've seen bidders get wrapped up in the excitement and get stupid - including bidding against themselves.

The reverse auction should work the same. Some bonehead passenger will take a lower bid, just to "win" the auction.

Try it and see...

You can send a bit of the profits from the savings to the TTA as a donation...

Big Grin


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