Good grief glasses are expensive!
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16-02-2013, 03:00 PM
RE: Good grief glasses are expensive!
The biggest problem with mine has always been the big difference between the two. My right eye has always been crap. Each eye requires something completely different for near and far (although the far is better in both then it used to be). I was in bifocals years and years ago because of the vast difference in my near and far other choice was to constantly be taking them off and putting them on again. Then I needed to go to trifocals to be able to see far away, see at computer distance, and to read. That's when I started with Progressive lenses. Sun damage to my eyes caused a bump on each one, that I do have to say have improved a lot since I got Transition lenses last year...I could never afford a plain pair and a tinted pair. I have been told I have astigmatism too.

I have never been able to wear contacts because my eyes are too dry, though I have tried a couple times over the years in the hope that technology had improved.

Several members of my mother's family had/have Retinitis Pigmentosa (hope that is spelled correctly). I seem to have dodged that bullet. If you look it up it online they say progression to complete blindness is rare...I can name three family members that would argue that point.

UGH...since early last year till now, I can tell that my current glasses are no longer quite right.

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Good grief glasses are expensive! - Anjele - 16-02-2013, 01:58 PM
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