Grand Unified Theory of Everything Under Our Noses the Whole Time
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10-04-2016, 10:28 PM
Grand Unified Theory of Everything Under Our Noses the Whole Time
CERN et al have been devoting their explorations along the wrong lines of enquiry trying to ascertain the grand unified theory of everything that melds the micro and the macro into a single elegant equation. It's been expensive and time consuming, and in vain. The answer has been here in TTA for some time.

It's very simple. The grand unified theory of everything is this:

Don't annoy Muffs.

It's all too obvious once it's said out in the open like this, but there is no doubt that every observed phenomenon can be fully explained on that foundation.

Once a law like this has been finally found out there are inevitably some messy bits of inconsistency that still hang around, but it'll be up to Muffs to clear them up.

One big potential problem is the fact that are certainly things going on in the universe that if Muffs knew about them he'd be annoyed, but not knowing about them he's not annoyed. But it must be annoying knowing there are things that would be annoying but not being able to know what they are so as to be the correct amount of annoyed about them. It can produce a sort of permanent state of quasi-annoyance which could be more annoying than being annoyed.

But if Muffs ever achieves a state of no annoyance at all at anything at all the universe ends at that instant, its ultimate purpose having been met. One might advise taking the precaution of deliberately riling up Muffs to keep the universe whole, but such measures are unnecessary; existence itself annoys Muffs.

So, don't annoy Muffs, and Muffs will be annoyed. It's a perfect balance.
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