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28-07-2014, 07:32 PM
RE: Greetings!
(28-07-2014 03:05 PM)Imago Wrote:  Hello! I have been an atheist since I was 8 (almost 20 years) and live in a mostly conservative/religious area. I'm forced to look outward to find more likeminded people, so I have joined my first atheist forum here.

I just began reading Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion and feel the need to connect with other atheists as a group. He is right - we have the numbers and conviction to be powerful as a group.


Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay. Here are your free doughnuts
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(28-07-2014 04:55 PM)Miss Suzanne Wrote:  
(28-07-2014 04:17 PM)morondog Wrote:  Talk to Chas, he can give you aiming lessons.

Really? Aww Big Grin that makes my heart warm! And let me pull out my shotgun and we'll do a little bit of target practice Wink

The prodigy has returned

"If you keep trying to better yourself that's enough for me. We don't decide which hand we are dealt in life, but we make the decision to play it or fold it" - Nishi Karano Kaze

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