Greetings and salutations
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08-10-2011, 03:38 PM
RE: Greetings and salutations
(06-10-2011 06:49 PM)Rabidtreeweasel Wrote:  I suppose the most common assumption about me is that I am a guy. I'm not sure why, other than that I have never been very girly and this sometimes comes across in my speech. Allow me to state very clearly that I do, in fact, have boobs.

Wait ... but I've got boobs too ... so confused ...

(06-10-2011 06:49 PM)Rabidtreeweasel Wrote:  My deconversion started when I became a Mormon.

The Mormons almost got me some 30 years ago. They came to my house every week for a month or so. When I finally got around to asking them how this polygamy tihng worked they said, "Oh, we don't do that anymore." I went ballistic. "Jesus Christ! I just assumed that me giving up the booze and tobacco was in exchange for more pussy. Get the fuck out of my house!" ... Nice people, though. At least the ones I know.

This is not my signature.
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