Greetings from California.
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17-01-2013, 08:03 PM
Greetings from California.
Hello, everyone. This may end up being a bit of a long post, 'cause I don't often get the chance to vent.

I grew up in Washington state and was raised by Catholic parents. Religion was never a huge thing for my family, though I did attend sunday school for a while. I never really went to church activities for religion but for friends and family.

We moved to California for my dad's work the summer before my freshman year of high school. Things went fairly well from there; the youth group I attended was more focused on helping us with emotional problems than anything else. It was the start of my sophomore year, and AP World History, when things went to a nonexistent hell in a handbasket

Seeing religion ebb and flow throughout history started me questioning just about everything. There were other factors, but that one stands out in my mind. I had started confirmation by then, and acted like a Catholic, but on the inside was seething. I began to study religion in general.

By now I utterly despise the Catholic church. I had always disagreed with it on a number of things, especially gay marriage (I have gay friends and family, though I myself am not gay). But further research revealed to me the extent of its, well... I'm not sure if the mods would be happy with the kind of language I would like to use.

Much of that time was also spent researching atheism and agnosticism, though for a while I was pretty close to labeling myself a Deist. What finally de-converted me was my reason and love of science. I could not find and argument that ever convinced me of any deity. Hell, I never even believed in Santa Clause as a kid because my parents couldn't provide proof.

I came out to my parents about three months ago. They weren't happy, that's for sure. They are very accepting, and I love them dearly, but it was a bit of a shock.They wanted me to talk to a priest (didn't help in the slightest) and continue confirmation. I went to one more confirmation meeting and, amazingly, managed not to start frothing at the mouth. I am, as of now, my own atheist. I wouldn't describe myself as in the closet, I'll tell anyone who asks what I do or don't belive in, but the topic hasn't come up yet.

Well, that's most of it. I am, at 17 and a junior in high school, the only atheist I know of at my school of about 500. I am not one for heated text discussions, I prefer to talk to people face-to-face, but I'll contribute my own brand of sarcastic attitude to the site. Thanks for toughing it out through the long-winded intro, and I hope to have a good, informative time here learning about atheism and sundry other things that come with it.
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