Greetings from Western Pennsylvania
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11-04-2012, 09:47 AM (This post was last modified: 11-04-2012 10:14 AM by justmetoo.)
Greetings from Western Pennsylvania
Well, I don't know how your Easter holiday went, but I spent mine rolling down the highway towards a little known town of Arnold, Pa. It's a small little community just East North East of Pittsburgh. The thing is so small their mailman delivers to whole towns mail, walking with the post in his hand.

Anyway, that wasn't the reason for the post. I pulled in for a two day layover. It seems my appointment was set for 2 days after I arrived and I was told They don't except you early, so I parked my truck along side the other trucks and went to bed.

About 04:00 in the morning I was abruptly awoken by the feeling that my truck was rocking. I got up and looked out the windows and didn't see anything that had struck me, just a truck pulling into the main gate of the place. I thought something was weird, not for what I saw, but what I didn't. I didn't see my drivers side mirror, which usually obscured most of the view through the drivers side side window.. I leaned foreword and noticed it had been crunched and forced foreword.

The only thing I could think of was that other driver was the one that sat beside me, on my left and when he pulled out, he turned left, which would make the trailer end pivot on the trailer wheels and the rear of the trailer struck my mirror as it passed. Thank God It didn't catch the side of the truck. The mirror was bad enough.

I got the guard to go get the driver and we exchanged information and the whole deal. The only thing is that it took out the spot mirror, but left the larger mirror intact. The entire housing was cracked to heck and back, so I couldn't drive. With the way trucks are set up, the drivers only view behind him is those mirrors. The larger one shows directly back and the small spot mirror is a bug eye lens mirror that shows the driver whats beside him and pretty much has saved me, many times from pulling into the side of someone.

Anyway. ala in all, I had to wait till after dark, drop my trailer where it was, after I unloaded and bobtailed to the freightliner dealership. That was Monday night and I've been here every since. It seems they had to order a entire mirror assembly, which is $1400.00 before taxes. Good God, this business isn't for the fare of pocketbook.

I'm waiting now, to see if the part arrived and them for them to put it on. It was supposed to get here at 10:00 and that was 2 hours ago, so here I set, bored out of my skull and feverishly trying to find something to post. I hope you guys's week is going better than mine!
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