Group of Orthodox Jews removed from flight for refusing to sit with women
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17-02-2017, 01:20 PM
RE: Group of Orthodox Jews removed from flight for refusing to sit with women
(17-02-2017 11:20 AM)Deesse23 Wrote:  Is it true that they have special light switches with a few seconds delay on sabbath, so pushing the switch is -strictly speaking- not the cause for light? If so, then they must think their god is a moron, if they think they have to follow written rules, rather than following the spirit of those rules. If god is omniscient then he surely would know they are trying to cheat him with special light switches. If so, they arent only misogynists, but idiots too.

Jewish law has a lot less to do with what the bible says and a lot more to do with what we say. Judaism is a very legalistic culture and we don’t care about what Christians say “the spirit” of the law is (according to their own interpretation). We follow Rabbinic law, which is mostly man-made and in many places, may appear to contradict Torah law. That’s what Judaism is and I find that a lot of Christians (or Atheists with Christian backgrounds) have no idea what Jews really believe and how we really practice. They hold us to some religious standard that they have arbitrarily decided should apply to us.

The law in question is about physically lighting a fire. It doesn’t speak to making use of illumination. No orthodox Jew lights fires on Shabbat, but it’s questionable as to whether or not turning on a light bulb constitutes lighting a fire because of the electrical spark. Some say yes, some say no. In Jewish law, the community is empowered to decide how to handle new technology and the community decided that just in case turning on a light is regarded as lighting a fire, we won’t manipulate the lights directly. Again, the law is about the individual lighting a fire, not allowing a fire to be lit.

Really though, what we do with our lights in our homes and synagogues shouldn’t be anyone else’s concern. When a nut-case in a black suit and black hat holds up a plane because he can’t relax his personal policy on gender separation enough to interact with normative society, we’ve got a much bigger problem. One that rightly should be addressed by those impacted.

My strategy of ignoring my problems until they disappear never seems to work out for me. ...I'll try to get around to dealing with that in the near future.
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