Gun Control
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20-10-2014, 04:55 AM
RE: Gun Control
(19-10-2014 08:51 PM)Sam Wrote:  Of course that nut job, cult leader Stefan Moleneux has all the answers...

If in doubt... Consult a weirdo.
Damn, another ad hominem zombie I have to remember.
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21-10-2014, 12:54 AM (This post was last modified: 21-10-2014 02:03 AM by EvolutionKills.)
RE: Gun Control
(19-10-2014 06:57 PM)Luminon Wrote:  I have encountered this argument and I think it's great. If the image doesn't display, it says, to take guns away from the people, you need even more and bigger guns. So if you are pro gun control, you are actually for guns, but in hands of powerful authorities and everyone else helpless.

For myself I'd say, yes, kids may shoot each other with a gun at home, but it's even more likely that a bungled SWAT raid will blow them up with a grenade in a crib or shoot them. Nearly every city in USA has SWAT units. their numbers are skyrocketing and they don't give a damn about raiding the right house for drug suspicion. Why not, if it's warrantless? I will take the gun control nuts seriously when they will point at the big guns. The only good point is, yes, it's not a good idea to bring guns to a drone and militarized SWAT fight, that's a good argument too.

[Image: gun-control.jpg]


Gotta love a Czech Republic citizen who follows a Canadian cult leader has such enlightened views on the problems in the United States...

Because the best thing to do (after the rampant fear-mongering war on terror, off-loading of surplus military hardware to the police, the political influence of war-profiteers, and conservative judges ruling in favor of a personal right to arms over a well regulated militia) is nothing? Oh wait, I forgot, the correct answer was 'shoot an IRS agent'.

In 2010, unintentional firearm injuries caused the deaths of 606 people.

From 2005-2010, almost 3,800 people in the U.S. died from unintentional shootings.

Over 1,300 victims of unintentional shootings for the period 2005–2010 were under 25 years of age.

I am pro-sensible gun control, but I want the police reigned in too (your Prophet {pbuh} needs to stop with the false dichotomies). That being said unless you have some stats to back it up, it still appears you're more likely to accidentally shoot yourself or be either accidentally or purposely shot by another citizen, than to be shot and killed by the police or SWAT.

[Image: E3WvRwZ.gif]
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