Gun Control thoughts
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11-08-2016, 10:22 PM
RE: Gun Control thoughts
Quote:Wanna see a redacted pay stub asshole? ... Seriously there's already one here on the forum somewhere. You want me to dig it up for you asshole?, the hostility is awesome! It's a shame you aren't able to express yourself more effectively, but that's your problem, I suppose.

What got your knickers in a twist, young lady? Things devolved rather quickly, and, while I'm not losing sleep over it, I am curious why...the only clue I can find is that you put "indeed" in bold print...hmm, are so easily offended that you took that as a question of your honesty?

If so, well...who the fuck cares. But just so you know, it wasn't meant that way at all, it's just that I don't know you, I don't know if you were being serious about being a GS-15-10, or if you were just messing with me, or what. I chose to assume you were being straight about it, and so asked about your motivations. If that hurt your widdle feewings...grow a pair.

I flew for uncle sam and the united states air force for 8 years- I did it so I could fly supersonic weapons platforms, and defend my country. Mostly the supersonic weapons platforms.
I was already a Airline Transport Pilot with multiengine and instrument ratings, a lear and citation type rating, a B737 type rating, and a helicopter commercial. So I didn't use Uncle Sam to earn my tickets, either. I had a Bachelors as well, because you have to be an air force officer before you can fly air force aircraft. So the military got a lot more out of me than I got out of them. I left as a Captain, took a job with Continental airlines, and almost tripled my income immediately. Thus my question about why you stuck with government service.
That's it. No ulterior motives. Jackass.
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11-08-2016, 10:26 PM
RE: Gun Control thoughts
(11-08-2016 10:22 PM)The Dark One Wrote:  What got your knickers in a twist, young lady?

Dingleberries. It's always dingleberries.

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11-08-2016, 10:54 PM
RE: Gun Control thoughts
Quote:Wanna see a redacted pay stub asshole? ... Seriously there's already one here on the forum somewhere. You want me to dig it up for you asshole?

Quote:Wanna compare university transcripts to see who has more education in math and logic and science? 'Cause that'd be fun. But first we must compare dick sizes.

I have to say, girly, neither of these statements of yours seem like they come from a mature, intelligent, secure man. Why are you posting your pay stubs? Why are you so impressed with your own education, especially when it turns out I have much more experience and education? You'll have to trust me on the cock size, but that's not particularly important I guess.

It's a shame you can't express yourself more effectively when you get your feelings hurt. Poppy's Pappy answered for you, and did an outstanding job- he has a good point, and it was the sort of thing I was looking for. "Job Stability", as opposed to...what did you say:

"Wanna see a redacted pay stub asshole?"

Read Poppy's reply and see if you can figure out why it, in comparison, is preferable:

"There's a lot to be said for job stability and security. Except for a couple of years as a contract engineer designing telco central office co-locations, I've been a government contractor since I got out of the army in 87. I've worked for nine different companies in those 29 years, and didn't always walk out of one job into another when a contract ended."

Poppy's reply just flows better, don't you think? And the information! Wow, it is just BRIMMING with useful and germane information! Poppy is obviously a very smart man who knows how to control himself, like a grownup. He made a life choice based on criteria that he deemed important to himself and his family, and is therefore worthy of respect.

While I will admit that yours has a certain "Dirty Harry-esque" quality that is not without merit, it is more of an attempt at intimidation. This may be a positive attribute in some situations, but as I- the intended "victim" if you will- am virtually certain that I could fold you like ladies' laundry..well, the effect is, as you can hopefully see, somewhat diminished.

So in short, if you need a buddy to talk to, to work out these inadequacies...I'm here for you, brother. Sister. Whatever. (I just don't quite get your screen name, sorry)

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11-08-2016, 11:10 PM
RE: Gun Control thoughts
Quote:Do guns existing themselves cause gangs to spread and grow more feverously and powerful in adverse living conditions or do gangs existing and growing cause them to seek out the weapons regardless of means.

Good guess is that you sort of inadvertently answered it yourself.

Do GUNS existing cause them to spread


Do gangs existing cause them to seek out WEAPONS.

"Guns" are irrelevant.
Guns are just the current weapon of choice- as we republicans like to say- but only, you understand, because it's true- guns are simply tools. Gangs have been around...probably since humans started congregating. They've used rocks, sticks, razors, knives, fire, name it.

The weapons aren't the problem, it's the MOTIVATIONS. Usually the motivations are based on intolerance. "They believe in a different god", is a tried and true favorite..."they dress differently", "they are taller", "they speak a different language", "they have squeaky voices" or "squinty eyes" or "waaay too much melanin".

Until we work this tolerance issue out, murders and rapes and theft and robbery and beatings and etc...will continue. Guns really ARE just tools, that isn't just a political slogan. People, are what is broken.
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12-08-2016, 07:34 AM
RE: Gun Control thoughts
"I take the constitution very seriously. I think that BOTH of the
amendments are very very important, but the second one is
most. The right to bear arms. Not just have them, mind you,
the right to bear them.

That means the right to put them right out where everyone can
see them.

Personally, I'm glad I live in a country where I can walk down
Main Street with my trusty 50lb Broadsword strapped to my
back. This sword is bigger and duller than I am, which in the
latter case is really saying something. Without my sword
(which I've named Phallus) I would feel less like the level 3
Human Warrior I am, and more like the skinny little twerp I was
before. Also, yes, I'm level 3. I think by now I've killed enough
Large Rats and Spiders and Snakes to have gained at least two

Ok, sure, technically if I am attacked by bandits, I don't think I
can lift Phallus high enough to attack anything above the
kneecaps. And sure, I've been told I'm probably better off with
a big knife I can actually lift. But what you don't understand, is
a WARRIOR needs a GIANT SWORD because that's what makes
us awesome. Not our crappy personalities or our complete

So, when I walk drunk into Denny's at 3am, step up to the
hostess, unstrap my trusty Phallus, hoist the fucker as high as I
can lift it, point it in the general direction of "slightly above the
floor", and shout HOW MUCH GOLD TO STAY AT THIS INN?? I
expect my right to drunkenly bear arms to be upheld.

I also expect that when I explain the above to the police, they
don't laugh at me and tell me never to go back to that Denny's.

I don't like my second amendment rights being infringed upon.
A monk is allowed to keep his/her fists! Just because my
Phallus is bigger, and more awesome, I have to put it away so
others don't feel inadequate? BALLS!

I call for a stance for our second amendment rights. If I want to
try really hard to point my Phallus at your foot, I have a
goddamn right to!

Or Kill Me"

--Trix, Warriors Against Sword Control

Don't let those gnomes and their illusions get you down. They're just gnomes and illusions.

--Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

Alouette, je te plumerai.
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12-08-2016, 07:42 AM
RE: Gun Control thoughts
Except - swinging your "Phallus" about in public will get you arrested in all states in the US -- it's called "brandishing".

Ditto - if you're drunk in public, carrying a weapon.


But you don't know that, because you don't really know what you're talking about....

That's OK.... You're allowed your childish fantasies.................


I'm a double atheist. I don't believe in your god or your politician.
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12-08-2016, 08:04 AM
RE: Gun Control thoughts
(11-08-2016 06:47 PM)GirlyMan Wrote:  Wanna see a redacted pay stub asshole? ... Seriously there's already one here on the forum somewhere. You want me to dig it up for you asshole?

Wtf is wrong with you old man?

. . . ................................ ......................................... . [Image: 2dsmnow.gif] Eat at Joe's
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12-08-2016, 08:19 AM
RE: Gun Control thoughts
(11-08-2016 11:10 PM)The Dark One Wrote:  Guns really ARE just tools, that isn't just a political slogan. People, are what is broken.

While I may agree that the improper use of any tool is not the “fault” of the tool...

A tool specifically designed to kill has to be, in my view, regulated differently than say a table saw.

This is self-evident to me.

“I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.”~Mark Twain
“Ocean: A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man - who has no gills.”~ Ambrose Bierce
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12-08-2016, 09:48 AM (This post was last modified: 12-08-2016 10:33 AM by The Dark One.)
RE: Gun Control thoughts
Quote:While I may agree that the improper use of any tool is not the “fault” of the tool...

A tool specifically designed to kill has to be, in my view, regulated differently than say a table saw.

This is self-evident to me.

You know how much I like and respect you- I hope- FC, so try to hear this and not just react to it...we've all been trained like Pavlov's Pooches to slobber at any of these words, I'm afraid.

First, what is NOT self evident to me is that these are tools designed specifically to kill human beings. I actually have no idea if the original firearm was developed more in response to pressure to kill people or to feed families. (Nobody, please, jump in here with your 2016 viewpoint and tell me how vegan we're supposed to be...) Regardless,
I can name dozens of things whose original purpose differs significantly from it's current purpose. Everything evolves.

Guns are used to put food on the table- could we buy that food, here in the US, instead? Sure, if you have the money- some folks don't. LOTS of people in Alaska live subsistence- they hunt and fish and trap and have no cash income. They live back in the bush where cash is worthless anyway. But what's the difference? Eat a chicken someone else killed from the grocery store or a pheasant you killed yourself? Actually, there is a difference...we're predators, and much like the zoo animals, I believe predators have such an instinct to fend for themselves that when they are provided for they grow tired of life, and miserable. Perhaps- and this is only a pet theory of mine- this eventually leads to things like political correctness and children shooting children in school yards. Again, just a theory.

Not all humans are on the same rung of the evolutionary ladder- while some are content to live in cities, others are disgusted by the idea. I happen to be one of the latter. Or, as I told the guys over beers last night, "Grunt Grunt Grunt Growl Grunt!".

Beyond food sourcing, there is entertainment. Generations have grown up with firearms as a source of fun and bragging rights- shooting competitions of ALL TYPES are HUGE in the US..and they hurt nobody. They are, in fact, ridiculously safe.

Which leads us to my favorite, because it's the one most important, and yet least understood or accepted by liberals. The right to bear arms, as our forefathers intended- but that doesn't even matter, because it's how any thinking person should see it.
Before ANY COUNTRY IN HISTORY devolved into a dictatorship or worse, the first thing that happened was that the populace was disarmed. True. Why? Because a well armed civil militia is a threat to a despot government. True.

I have zero faith in the powers that be in the US. They- republican or democrat- are the most self-serving, greedy, egocentric, short-sighted bunch of idiots the world has ever known. While liberals may be comfortable sitting back and waiting just to "see what happens", or depending on "voting these assholes out of office"...obviously they are unfamiliar with history. Guns barely stop these type of governments, votes and waiting never do.

I agree that common sense gun laws are a good thing. But...we have those. They are unenforced. If you believe the media's hype about how easy it is to buy an assault rifle, I challenge you- buy one this week and report back. Certainly you can get one illegally- the black market gun trade thrives to this day in England, in Russia, everywhere. Guns already exist, the knowledge how to make them exists, and...prohibition doesn't work. Waste of time. The genie will not go back, her bottle is too small.

The NRA and other organizations seem paranoid- and they are- but they have good reason to have gotten that way (although they need to calm the fuck down).
Every time a new gun law is passed, there is a frenzy to push more through. Give 'em an inch, etc. There is ignorance on both sides, but the refusal of anti-gunners to truly educate themselves and become familiar with firearms is doing the entire democratic party a huge disservice.

There are intelligent, thoughtful,reasonable people on both sides, and they are the majority. However, as is so often the case, the vocal (exceptionally so) Lunatic Fringe on BOTH sides keeps anything good from happening.

That's just my take on things, of course.

Now, I have an idea...some of you LF'ers jump in here and dissect everything I've written, tear it down to it's base language, take everything out of context, and argue over fine points that were not my original intent to begin with. I'm just know...for a change.

Still friends, FC? Sadcryface
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12-08-2016, 09:58 AM
RE: Gun Control thoughts
(11-08-2016 05:13 PM)Born Again Pagan Wrote:  
(10-08-2016 02:02 AM)The Dark One Wrote:'s a controversial topic. I'm not going to get crazy about expressing my personal beliefs, I just want to hear some opinions/justifications after I present some facts. There is, inevitably, some opinion wound up in here, but just about everything is easily verifiable with some online research, and is either absolutely true or at least very much arguable.

I live, and was born in, Texas. I grew up in a gun culture. This doesn't mean what many liberals believe it means- nor what the media likes to pretend it means.
For most of us in Texas, in the rural areas at least, guns are just like your wallet or your cell phone or your car keys. Just a tool, that you can also have fun with, like your cell phone. Much like your car or tractor or credit card, a person not trained in the proper use, or who lacks discipline, can cause damage to himself and others..
I was taught firearms safety at a very early age...I'm guessing around 5 or 6- I know I shot my first deer at age 7, anyway. I was sitting in my father's lap in a deer blind, freezing my ass off at the time.
Guns- or at least, the activities we engaged in which required the use of guns- were/are a great bonding experience for fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, friends, anyone. Shooting beer cans or paper targets, skeet, or steel silhouettes is great fun, and requires self discipline, practice, dedication, and responsibility- all things Texans believe their kids should learn.
Unless we are engaged in training for self defense, or in the act of defending ourselves, we honestly don't think of guns as "killing tools" at all. They are so much more than that- and an AR-15 is not an "Assault rifle" to's just another semi automatic rifle. Because of it's military heritage, it looks cool, which everyone likes- not necessarily the AR-15 but rather, everyone likes an attractive firearm, whether it be stainless steel or blue, nylon or beautiful wood, whatever- it's just personal taste, just like cars.
One thing military based firearms have that people like is durability. I have dozens of guns in my safe I would choose over an AR-15 if I decided to go insane and shoot people from a tower...and most are hunting lineage, not military. The AR-15 and other firearms that come to us through the military pipeline, if you will, have one attribute that most find attractive, and it has nothing to do with killing people. Durability. They typically require less daily maintenance, have more rust and water resistance, can handle being dirty in the field better, etc. Soldiers operate in difficult environments without the ability to clean their firearms as often as they'd like, so the guns they carry reflect that.
I also have a number of automatic weapons. What liberals label "Machine guns", and insist none of us really need. what? Who NEEDS a Porsche 911? Who NEEDS a Lamborghini? Who NEEDS a ski boat or a jet ski or a 4 wheeler or a dune buggy? These things kill people all the time, right? Who is the government to tell me what I can or can't own for my own amusement, historical curiosity, competition, whatever? I'm not hurting anyone. I pay the federal tax on automatic weapons and silencers/suppressors. Beyond that...leave me alone.
Automatic weapons are TERRIBLE for mass killing. I know, Hollywood has a lot of folks convinced that you just hold the trigger down and waive the gun back and forth, and an entire crowd will drop at your feet. Bullshit. Come out to my place and I'll let you try it.
One...recoil. After about three rounds, unless you've had considerable training and practice, the only things in danger are birds, because the muzzle has risen and you're shooting sky.
Two...ammo. In Vietnam, the M-16 (full auto AR-15) fired approximately 200 rounds per minute. Most soldiers had 20 round magazines. So after 6 seconds, he had to stop, eject the empty magazine, pull a loaded one from his mag holder, insert it in the rifle, and- since it's hard to count rounds in full auto, he usually fired it empty- pull and release the charging handle (bolt) before he was ready to fire again. For another 6 seconds of sustained fire.
The average number of shots per kill in VN was 50,000. Yep. FIFTY THOUSAND ROUNDS FIRED FOR EVERY VIET KONG/ North VM killed in the war. LOL...hand me my bolt action .338 Lapua please, and find me some high ground.

Estimates in Gulf war one are 250,000 rounds expended for each insurgent killed.

Worrying about "machine guns" is amateur hour. Silly.

But finally, three...maintenance. The average guy about to go try to kill people for no apparent reason is not a gun nut- he doesn't own guns before this obsession, and he almost NEVER obtains them legally. Machine guns are notorious for jams/ feed problems/ misfires if not well taken care of and often tuned, just like a carburetor or a musical instrument.

So I'm constantly hearing what violent, inbred, racist, gun crazy, brain dead idiots Texans are.
Well, I'm pretty typical, as far as I know. Most of my friends have similar educational backgrounds and families, so let's use me as an admittedly inadequate reference, just for fun.
I am 50 years old, as of February of this year. I managed to retire with a healthy income 6 years ago. I'm happily married with three grown kids, two still in college, and own a small ranch and a lot of toys. I am completely debt free.
I have a master's degree in herpetology from Sul Ross. I did my undergrad in bio at the University of Texas.
I served as a pilot in the united states air force for 8 years. I flew for the airlines until retirement, and due to our lax schedules, also earned my EMT, my peace officer license, my firearms instructor's license, my state pursuit/tactical driving instructor's license, my class D skydiving license, and my open water scuba diving license. I hate to sit around.
I served as a deputy sheriff for 8 years, 4 of those on SWAT, mostly as an element leader on a narcotics entry team. I was sent to school and became the team armorer. I have since become a master gunsmith.
My wife and kids can all handle any firearm you hand them, easily. I have a large collection, as do most of my friends, so chances are my kids have shot one before, but if not, they can easily and safely sort it out.
I have a 300 yd range here at my home. Neither I nor any of my friends and family have ever had an accident with a firearm.

As for Texas being "fraught with danger" due to all the guns and idiots, here is the most recent completed FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. You'll notice, Texas is not on the list. If you scan the entire report, you will eventually come to "Tiny cities", where you will find two small Texas towns listed, both overrun with illegal mexican aliens, who commit 90% of the violent crime in these locales.

I'm just wondering...this seems so different from what Hillary would have us believe. Actually- statistically- it is apparently much more dangerous to be a friend of the Clinton's than it is to live in Texas. Fascinating.

Big Cities With The Highest Violent Crime Rates

Detroit, Michigan 1988.63
Memphis, Tennessee 1740.51
Oakland, California 1685.39
St. Louis, Missouri 1678.73
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1476.41
Baltimore, Maryland 1338.54
Cleveland, Ohio 1334.35
Stockton, California 1331.47
Indianapolis, Indiana 1254.66
Kansas City, Missouri 1251.45

Big Cities With The Highest Murder Rates

St. Louis, Missouri 49.91
Detroit, Michigan 43.52
New Orleans, Louisiana 38.75
Baltimore, Maryland 33.84
Newark, New Jersey 33.32
Buffalo, New York 23.22
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 22.43
Memphis, Tennessee 21.38
Atlanta, Georgia 20.47
Cincinati, Ohio 20.16

Medium Cities With The Highest Violent Crime Rates

Birmingham, Alabama 1588.29
Little Rock, Arkanasas 1391.91
Rockford, Illinois 1234.74
Springfield, Missouri 1186.47
Lansing, Michigan 1116.76
Hartford, Connecticut 1104.50
Springfield, Massachusetts 1080.86
Springfield, Illinois 1064.45
New Haven, Connecticut 1054.37
San Bernardino, California 991.67

Medium Cities With The Highest Murder Rates

Jackson, Mississippi 35.39
Birmingham, Alabama 24.52
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 23.11
North Charleston, South Carolina 21.78
Little Rock, Arkanasas 21.69
San Bernardino, California 20.04
Richmond, Virginia 18.92
Dayton, Ohio 18.85
Inglewood, California 17.86
Montgomery, Alabama 17.48

Wonder how many will read this thru...

Cheers, y'all!

Howzabout Chicago? I thought it was proudly at the top of the list. Or that is what gun nuts usually claim citing it as Obama's hometown and a place where guns cannot be bought. Did you forget them, or it just a urban legend that Chicago kills more of its own than anywhere else?

Statistics are funny that way. It wouldn't surprise me if Chicago, and New York as well, are near the top in sheer number of homicides, but they are also near the top in population. The list that The Dark One posted was per capita, which is much more significant statistically.
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