Guns and arming police.......
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16-08-2014, 08:45 AM
Guns and arming police.......
Now suddenly many republicans and libertarians are concerned about police being too armed?

Well which is it assholes? You protect gun manufactures who don't give a shit about the volume they pump out that arms society then these same politicians and voters want the best for police then bitch when they want to go home alive?

I agree they are too armed. So if republicans and libertarians agree, then they cannot serve profits and public safety at the same time. The same weapons industry sells the same type of weapons to the public as it does police. High clip handguns, and military style weapons to BOTH the public and police. Then you are shocked that the police want to go home alive?

THE REAL ENEMY in this is greed, not the public not the police.

This is one aspect of putting profits above people, politicians pitting the middle class and working poor white voters and minorities against each other when the economic instability are needlessly pitting left and right against each other.

So maybe our police force would not have to be armed to the teeth nor would they be trained to fear the worst, if manufactures were held responsible for the volume they pump out.

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