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31-07-2016, 12:08 AM (This post was last modified: 31-07-2016 12:12 AM by Thumpalumpacus.)
(30-07-2016 02:27 AM)The Dark One Wrote:  **looks like 2 made it and 2 didn't. No idea. Walk me through it if you don't mind/get a chance, will you?**

I can't say why yours didn't upload, but here's what I do with nary a problem -- I load the pics to a hosting service (I use Tinypic.com), and then put the image url between tags here in the post ([img]your image here[/img] with no spaces other than the ones in the url itself, if any). I've never had an issue with this method.

(30-07-2016 03:47 AM)Mathilda Wrote:  Marshall JCM900 combo. It's all valve so it's a concern of mine as well. I bought it new back in the 90's and have since changed the pre-amp valves but not the power amp valves. I also have a small and very old practice amp which had new valves put in when I bought it in 2002.

Great amps -- the only Marhalls I truly love, very touch-sensitive and still able to rip faces. If you haven't run it in a while the power tubes should be okay.

(30-07-2016 03:47 AM)Mathilda Wrote:  And I suppose I'd better check that my 100 watt PA system works. That would be useful for the mandolin, although I am not bringing the mandolin with me on holiday.

I'm also a little cautious about getting electrocuted. It happened to me once with another amp.

A well-advised caution. Any time I roll tubes, I drain the capacitors by unplugging the amp, and then setting both the mains and the standby to "on" and letting it sit for an hour or two. I've got no interest in making my last dance the Funky Chicken.

TDO is right about checking for vermin, I'm pretty sure they did in my Peavey VK212 as it sat in storage for three years. Silk is conductive. Also, caps can bleed out as well. Best bet might be to take the amp to a tech for a tune-up unless you're experienced with diagnostics etc. Assuming the PA is solid-state, it should be more resistant to such issues.

Best of luck!
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31-07-2016, 01:12 AM (This post was last modified: 31-07-2016 02:36 AM by The Dark One.)
Thumpy! You are da man. Tinypic works great, thanks brother.

Here are the two missing pics

First, one of my oldest friends, James, rocking out a bit in my man cave. We have had about six zombies, which accounts for the dumb look on his face Smile

[Image: f20846.jpg]

A rare thing...a strat I like Smile It's actually a Jackson that I upgraded, all electronics/switches, pots etc, hot set of seymor duncan pickups. Really low action, plays like butter.

[Image: jim8tf.jpg]

I'll get some more pics uploaded of my guitars and toys.

Thanks again, my friend.
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31-07-2016, 03:06 AM
Having some fun with photoshop awhile back...just for kicks

Me ...rare selfie Smile

[Image: 4iifrm.jpg]

Another of my half stacks

[Image: 1zce89s.jpg]

Some more guitars

[Image: 716zqq.jpg]
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02-08-2016, 02:10 PM (This post was last modified: 02-08-2016 03:47 PM by Grasshopper.)
I have played in several bands -- one back in the late 1960s/early 1970s (my high school and college years), and another one a little over 10 years ago. Neither of them were hard rock or heavy metal, but they were rock bands ("classic rock" covers and some originals). We never got far beyond the "basement band" stage -- just a few bar gigs for very little money. But we had fun. I played lead guitar in the first band, and rhythm guitar in the second. I was never any kind of guitar hero, though -- just (barely) competent.

I've had numerous guitars over the years. No pictures to post, but I can talk about a few of the more interesting ones.

My first electric guitar was a red Les Paul Jr. with an SG body. My parents bought it for me when I was a little kid taking guitar lessons. I never appreciated what a great guitar it was. A few years later I traded it to another guitarist for his Vox "Student Prince" -- which I thought was cooler looking, plus the Beatles played Vox guitars, so it must be good, right? It's hard to believe my parents let that deal stand, or that they didn't kill me for it. Maybe they didn't know the difference either. But I know enough now to know that the Les Paul was a much better guitar than the Vox. I got ripped off big time.

I moved up from the Vox to a (used) Fender Mustang, and eventually a Fender Stratocaster, which is still my favorite of all the guitars I've owned. I have always preferred Fenders to Gibsons, and the next little story may explain why.

One of the other guitarists in that early band (we went through a succession of second guitarists) had a beautiful sunburst Les Paul (similar to the one in Thump's earlier post), but never liked the way it looked. So he took it upon himself to modify it. He swapped out the pickups and tuning heads (he had to re-drill to mount the new tuners) for better ones, and decided to repaint the guitar black. But he botched the paint job, and ended up just stripping it and staining the bare wood. It looked OK, but nothing like the original sunburst finish. A few years later, he joined the Marines (!) and gave me his guitar -- but not without first removing the high-end pickups and tuning heads, and re-installing the old ones (which no longer fit quite right because of the re-drilling). At the time, I was still playing the Fender Mustang, so even this botched up Les Paul was an upgrade. But it never sounded quite right or stayed in tune quite right. After I bought the Strat, I rarely played the Les Paul anymore.

When that band finally fizzled out and I moved on to adult life, I had a local music store sell my guitar and amp for me, and gave him the Les Paul as his fee. The amp, by the way, was a Fender Twin -- the best amp I've ever had. I bought it a year or two before the Strat.

For many years, I only had an acoustic guitar to play on, but when the second band got going, I picked up a new Fender Telecaster with gold trim (a nice guitar, but not as nice as my old Strat) and a small used Peavey amplifier. I still have both of those, but rarely play anymore.

And that's about it. Hope somebody found all that interesting!
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02-08-2016, 05:08 PM
I played in a local 80s rock/metal cover band up until a couple of years ago. Before that, I just jammed with friends here and there (and currently in my "spare" bedroom) . My two guitars are both B.C. Rich. My go-to is a JR V DLX, a neck-through design with a Floyd Rose tremelo and EMG pick-ups. My other is a gift from a good friend that has lots of road rust, an '86 Gunslinger (almost as old as I am). It's worth quite a bit, even in its not-so-great-shape, as a collectors item. To me, as a gift from a great friend and mentor, it's priceless. My head is a Line 6 Spider IV, a 150 watt half-stack.

I've got it in my mind to buy an inexpensive (as in about $300) 8-track recorder just to get material in my head down.

...if only life would stop nickle-and-diming me to death.

Don't let those gnomes and their illusions get you down. They're just gnomes and illusions.

--Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

Alouette, je te plumerai.
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03-08-2016, 10:35 AM
And that's about it. Hope somebody found all that interesting!

It was, actually. Shame you judge all Gibsons by that standard, but it leaves more for me! Smile

Seriously though, I like fender, I have two tele's that are amazing. I just like alot of blues, and heavily blues influenced metal. The warm sound and amazing sustain of a good les paul or SG is hard to beat.

Our musical histories are similar, although mine is a decade or so newer. I was in 3 bands that actually played gigs, and probably half a dozen that practiced, partied, and eventually fought and broke up. Never came close to a record deal or anything, although one of the bands should have gone further. We were good, had our shit together, partied reasonably...but guys kept knocking up their girlfriends and getting married and getting real jobs.

Bastards. Smile[/quote]
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