Hahaha, I'm pretty strange.
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17-07-2013, 06:09 PM
RE: Hahaha, I'm pretty strange.
(16-07-2013 10:00 PM)Atothetheist Wrote:  Once they gassed me up, and I got up on the chair and danced my little ass off (I must have been eight at the time), and it apparently took three women to pacify and reign me in from my gas induced dance contest.

Did you call any of the nurses Barney?

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17-07-2013, 06:11 PM
RE: Hahaha, I'm pretty strange.
(17-07-2013 05:27 PM)Ferdinand Wrote:  I have to have gas or I will literally crap my pants at the dentist. And honestly, I don't think anyone wants to see - or smell - that.


Now that I want to see.....


"We were conservative Jews and that meant we obeyed God's Commandments until His rules became a royal pain in the ass."

- Joel Chastnoff, The 188th Crybaby Brigade
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17-07-2013, 10:31 PM
RE: Hahaha, I'm pretty strange.
(17-07-2013 06:06 PM)Carlo_The_Bugsmasher_Driver Wrote:  
(16-07-2013 03:52 PM)Atothetheist Wrote:  Ok, so I went to the dentist today at like eight in the morning to get some work done on my teeth, and I asked to have nitrous as a way of helping me cope with the invasive shit they will be doing to my mouth.

Anyways, as they put the nitrous "Mask" on me, and I felt the affects of it, I was watching them operate on my mouth and I struggled to even move. It felt like I was binded and I could only see (and to an extent feel) what they were doing to me.

So while they were poking, prodding, drilling into my teeth, I was thinking of random things. First I thought of seeing how the Nitrous affected my facial movements. So I blinked my left and right eyes at different occasions, and then one time at the same time. I tried to curl my lips into a smile and I watched my dentists work. I even exercised my hands, as I had no idea how the gas would affect my body (I wasn't aware if I had such a thing happen to me.)

Anyways, while this was happening, my brained shifted to a peculiar thought, this must be similar to how Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs felt when he was bound and muzzled. When the dentists removed their tools to acquire new ones, I had the free time to repeat a line from the scene where Hannibal was talking to the Senator, specifically:

Hannibal: and one more thing, senator... Love the suit. (Paraphrased.)

One of them stopped what they were doing to stare at me while the other was just trying to figure out what I had just said. I, trying to complete the effect, widened my eyes and licked my lips. Knowing that at by the actions displayed ONE of them saw the movie, it was no surprise when the main dentist started to shake a little and regain herself.

Best thing is, I am going back next week to finish off the rest of the operation.... Hopefully they won't be scared of me.

It was pretty funny.

At least you didn't start in with the bit about eating his liver with Fava beans and a nice chianti.....

You gave me a good idea. Drinking Beverage

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Credit goes to UndercoverAtheist.
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