Halloween's a comin'. I want me some of that devil candy!
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01-10-2011, 06:27 PM
Halloween's a comin'. I want me some of that devil candy!
I have an 11 year old & so I'm pretty tuned in to the fact that Halloween is coming up. I know from browsing various blogs, some xtians say you should NEVER let your children trick or treat, in fact you should, as a family, spend the evening praying for others, since all candy has been cursed by the devil. (How absolutely... fiendish! Who would have thought to curse candy.) (Also -wow, the therapy bills those poor kids will have in 20 years.) Meanwhile, I have a very xtian cousin in rural Alabama (she posts bible quotes or general thank you jesus messages nearly every day on FB) who happily put up pics last year of the gingerbread haunted house her 2 little boys made. Ghosts & everything.

When I was growing up, Halloween was an entirely secular opportunity for seamstress moms to show off their costume making skills, & kids to figure out where to hide their candy from bratty brothers & nosy parents. What the heck! Can't we just have a normal american holiday consisting of wanton gluttony & non-recyclable plastic crap without having xtians judge it?

Hey check this out - the Chick homepage calls Halloween "the number one satanic helliday of the year." heheheh....

So what about it. If you are an ex, did your old beliefs/church let you do Halloween?

Every time you say you don't believe, Jesus rips the wings off a fairy. - SkepticalParenting.com
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01-10-2011, 06:50 PM
RE: Halloween's a comin'. I want me some of that devil candy!
I always went out on Halloween, and I was never aware of any Christians that I knew stopping their kids from doing the same. I think this particular behavior is relatively uncommon, and I doubt most of them even know that others have such a problem with the holiday.

That's the extent of my experience, but I was never exposed to a lot of the more extreme Christianity, and I've only seen the fundy come out in those I know when they're pushed to defend their beliefs.
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04-10-2011, 07:52 AM
RE: Halloween's a comin'. I want me some of that devil candy!
I HAS A STORY! You'll love this!

I was at a halloween patry out at my cottage. It's fairly remote and dark so it was great (I think I was a monk). So I learn that there is about 15 HIGHLY religious people at the party and they were not dressed up. It's about 1 in the morning when I had an idea.

The lightbulb in my head labled "evil trolling ideas" Lit up like the sun.
I grabbed my laptop and searched up for demonic summoning rituals. I found one that could be conducted with the resources at hand. I grab some rosemary I think it was at least, it matters not. Anyways I wander out into the grass with some people following completely unware of my inttentions. I draw a wierd circle thingy in the grass with chalk (took awhile). I then say some standard demon summong scary stuff and bury the herb plant whatever. And then I lied down in the circle. People were reaking out around me while my friends have a general idea of what i'm doing and contribute to it. They bent down and attempted to "wake" me and of course "fail". the hysteria continues to rise. ONe of the religious guests proceeds to barrage my friend with questions about what's going on. NOw it's time for the killer. I had red contact lenses on me and put them on when no one was looking. While everyone's arguing. I slowly rise all hunched over and do something similar to Light's laugh form death note (FOr those who don't knnow what that is here's a link for reference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRtaRbj7FWI ).
I could not have hoped for a better reaction.

Screaming, panic, religious chanting someone threw a bible at me (it hurt) Thne I proceedd to tell them all that their souls belong to me and all that junk. Then when it looks like they are going to piss themselves in fear. I piss myself laughing. Well not really, but I was close. Needless to say they were not happy. EVery non religious person was laughing. as for the religious people, they left and the party continued.

That's it. hope you enjoyed I sure did.

Twice the anger, Half the space!
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