Happy Christopher Columbus day....NOT!
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20-10-2013, 08:08 AM
RE: Happy Christopher Columbus day....NOT!
(11-10-2013 07:28 AM)earmuffs Wrote:  I also find it amusing that you celebrate him as though he's this all American hero, yet what was he? Spanish? Genoan? something like that.
He started the Spanish colonization of the new world. A time where these lands were considered part of Spain.
I just don't get why you have a national holiday for this guy, it's seems so stupid.

Columbus kicked off the exploration and colonization of the Americas that eventually lead to the foundation of the US, that's why. He also was the explorer that really kicked off the age of exploration out of Europe. There were certainly people before him, but, prior to Columbus, Europeans generally didn't dare venture that far west. After him, you had a massive number of exporers and the world really started to change. Whether or not the Vikings or the Chinese beat him to it is irrlevant because those voyages didn't result in sustained colonization and more exploration. Columbus is the one who really kicked things off.

As for his "crimes", he was a man of his time. He did things that were barbaric by today's standards but were just another day in paradise for 15th century Europeans. That doesn't absolve him for his actions, but I think when you look at him through the lense of where he came from his actions are a lot more understandable. He didn't treat the natives in the New World much differently than Europeans had been treating each other.

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