Happy St. Nicholas and St. Barbras day
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06-12-2012, 07:18 PM
Happy St. Nicholas and St. Barbras day
This is the first Christmas season my family and I are headed into having left orthodoxy and my oldest daughter reminded me that today is St. Nicholas and St. Barbra's day which is something we have celebrated every year. We would either attend a vespers service or if one was not available would do a small celebration at home. In either case we would sing the troparian to St. Nicholas fill our children's stocking with fruit, candy coins, and usually a small gift. It struck me odd that I had been practicing and enjoyed this tradition for many years and completely forgot.

The Christmas season in the past has always been a time when I doubted less. Growing up I had the Norman Rockwell Christmas experience and every year I just wanted the reason for the Christmas experience to be true because at the time I had imagined the season to be empty otherwise. So this year I have had an awkward time of it as we have put up our decorations and deciding what we want to display and what not to put out. I have always liked manger sets, but now they seem kind of ridiculous. To me there like my ninja turtles action figures I put away many years ago when I became an adult.

Big Grin (Yes, now even you can act out the saviors birth for your own enjoyment with this nativity action set. The set comes with the painless virgin birth, slide Jesus out of Marys birth canal and place the savior in the manger. Joseph has movable arms and the angels wings flap. Herod and the slaughtering soldiers sold separately) Big Grin

In any case I did not enter into this holiday season with any expectations. I have found that I am still mostly enjoying this season. Though not as meaningful as Christmas once was to me the cookies are still just as good and I have a beautiful secular decorated tree next to a fireplace which I have spent many peaceful moments gazing into with a cup of eggnog and or coffee. Still wonderful moments.

However today being St. Nicholas day does bring in the solemn nostalgia which my family and I have been experiencing through out this season as well. I am disappointed in myself that I forgot a tradition which was important to my children. Hopefully if I fill their stocking with a little something extra than I normal would have this weekend maybe they will forgive me. Knowing my daughter it was really more about the loot anyways.

I am no longer fighting my inner demons. We are all on the same side now.
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