Harmonizing the Gospels
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26-08-2015, 07:11 PM
RE: Harmonizing the Gospels
(26-08-2015 06:59 PM)Bucky Ball Wrote:  
(26-08-2015 06:53 PM)RocketSurgeon76 Wrote:  They had LSA, though, since barley grows in the region.

There are a number of videos on YouTube, a few by credible scholars, who have the "mushroom" theory. The plant appears too often in the art of the period not to have been important in some way. But there were 100s of Books of revelation... they just picked this one for the Bible. It was a fad in literature.

I think they should have gone with Apocalypse of Peter instead. Sort of a more trippy Dante's Inferno. But it ends a little better because in the end god decides to save everyone from eternal torment (probably why it didn't make the cut, have to keep both the carrot and the stick).
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