Has anyone tried this? QM
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23-02-2016, 09:14 AM
Has anyone tried this? QM
I'm assuming that someone has to have done what I'm about to suggest, I'd just like to know if anyone knows if they have. It concerns the double-slit experiments in quantum mechanics.

The way I've had it described, when they put two slits in a barrier and fire single photons at it, the wide detector on the far side picks up a disruption pattern typical of waves over many firings. However when they put detectors in front of the slits to see which hole it goes through, it strikes the back plate like particles, going straight and goes through only one slit.

I can see three variations to this and I'm just wondering if someone did them just to be sure. The first involves putting the detectors after the slits but right up against them so the particles/waves have to pass those in order to hit the back plate that will show the pattern. The second would be to repeat the first two (detection in front and back of the slits prior to pattern detection plates) but with only one slit being looked at instead of both (you can work out how many went through the other slit by subtraction).

For that matter, has anyone tried the above one-slit checking with a triple slit barrier instead of dual slits, so one is covered but there's still two others that might present wave-like patterns?

Of course, watch all this be entirely wrong because my understanding of the experiments is wrong.
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