Have you ever had a drawn out conversation with yourself?
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11-05-2011, 10:32 AM
RE: Have you ever had a drawn out conversation with yourself?
What you describe in the OP is a form of creative cognitive therapy. Basically, you divide your collective identity into parts and assign roles to them to see them how they respond to spontaneous questions and issues.

It can be done either solo or through the help of a therapist and the techniques vary quite a lot. I guess this is where the "creative" part comes into place.

I've been doing this since my adolescence trying to identify my patterns of emotion and automatic thoughts. In the beginning, I used to imagine two characters, one of them was pure, moral, divine etc., etc., and one of them who was primal, instinctual, human.

Their conversations were a blast. They always used to fight, calling names each other and hating the very mind that encompassed them both. Slowly over time, those two learned to love each other, to care for each other and learn how to arrange "timetables" in which they would be allowed to "surface and breathe".

Lately, those two voices are beginning to be alike. C still retains his super-ego properties and H his instinctual ones but they have managed to work together for my sake.

Iirc, the last time I had a "conversation" with "myselves", it went like that:

P: Guys? :S
C: Aye?
H: What? -_-
P: I need help. :S
C&H: We know. >_>
P: Say something, will you? -_-
C: Do you love him?
P: Well, I don't know. :S
H: You know! He so does C. -_-
P: I guess... >_>
C: What do you want from him?
P: I have no idea. -_-
H: Now, that I can believe. :p
P: Shush, you! >.<
H: :p
P: Truth is, that I like him a lot. I just dunno in what way.
C: Well, there are only a few convenient archetypes really. What's more "right" to you? :)
P: I like him more than a friend but I'm not sure if I'd like him to be my boyfriend. He is too insecure. Wouldn't it be nice if he was my brother or anything?
H: I'll start working on my multiverse machine. -_-
P: Constructive! Please! >.<
H: Oh, come on. Humor is all you've left me with... >_>
P: I understand... But try to focus a bit or I'll just talk to C solo.
H: C won't help you find love. C wants you to be stable.
C: Ahem! >.<
H: Shush! You'll never push him towards kissing him or asking him out. -_-
C: And what makes you so sure that this would be ideal? :|
H: There's nothing to lose! >_>
C: To cite a few: depression #1, depression #3, depression #4... etc. Need I go on...? U_U
H: ...
P: Meh! C is right H. He is not the right guy. And you know just as well as I that I cannot afford to get emotionally connected with anyone during this period. A lot is going on.
H: I know...
P: I love you guys.
C: We love you too.
H: I love you three.
P: jeez... -_-
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11-05-2011, 02:28 PM
RE: Have you ever had a drawn out conversation with yourself?
I do this all the time. Literally (ok, maybe not) [/align]all the time. I think it's the result of being a writer.

For God so loved the world that he arranged for everyone to both have free will and to suffer the terrible consequences of making the wrong choice. Kind of a dick move, God.
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