Heads up debate advice for atheists.
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31-10-2014, 05:18 AM
Heads up debate advice for atheists.
Having debated online for 13 years on a daily basis you start seeing a pattern from apologists no matter what religion they are trying to defend.

While it can be fun to tear apart their books, there are plenty of apologists from all religions that have learned to try to shoehorn their end goal by masking it.

I have heard the same arguments from Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and just yesterday my first Rastafarian. More and more believers know they cannot simply point to their religion, so they start out by pretending they are not selling anything.

So a huge red flag to look for is when a theist starts an argument by attacking science. The slick insidious crap does not fool sane people who accept science as universal. But it can work on laypersons and even newbie atheists.

There is no Catholic theory of evolution. There is no Allah theory of gravity. There is no Hindu thermodynamics. There is no Buddhist physics. There is no Rastafarian cause for the big bang(yes that was a real argument some nutfuck made yesterday). There are simply humans who make shit up and do not want to accept our finite existence.

So when you see an argument start off with "science doesn't know everything", there is a salesman behind it trying to distract you from their end goal that they are ultimately trying to sell you their club and their superstition.

No, science does not claim to know everything. But it also requires confirmed data as the starting input. It also does not gap fill like religion does.

To my theist friends, yes I am being blunt. No this is not about your rights, but your ability to demonstrate the credibility of your claims. So if you think you have something, fine, make whatever claim you want, but until you get it confirmed in a lab, and universally confirmed beyond your own personal bias, do not expect others to swallow it blindly.

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